Auto insurer asks to raise rates of Maine seniors based solely on age

In an unprecedented move, insurance provider Progressive Corp. is seeking state approval for rate changes that would allow the company to charge older Mainers higher auto insurance premiums based solely on their age.

The proposal by the Ohio-based company would apply to new customers in Maine who had reached a certain age, according to documents filed with the state Department of Professional and Financial Regulation’s Bureau of Insurance.


A hypothetical example that Progressive provided to the bureau shows a 65-year-old being charged 6 percent more than a 64-year-old based solely on the customer having reached age 65.

Increasing rates for seniors based on their age alone would be a major departure from the way most insurance companies operate nationwide and in Maine, which has a population that leads the states in average age. Traditionally, healthy drivers with flawless driving records see their premiums decrease as

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Police respond to explosion behind apartment complex near Markham School in SW Portland – The Oregonian

Portland police are investigating an explosion behind a Southwest Portland apartment complex, beside Markham Elementary School.

No injuries were reported.

A secretary at Markham Elementary School said she and others in the office heard the explosion, but didn’t have any idea what caused it.

Police were called to the Terri Lee Manor apartments at 10625 S.W. Capitol Highway at 12:36 p.m. The explosion  occurred in the back parking lot of the complex and damaged two cars, police said.

The Metropolitan Explosives Disposal Unit responded, and brought in a bomb squad robot to help investigate.

Markham was placed on precautionary lockdown, but all students were safe.

“We do know it was a device of some sort,” said police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson. “These types of incidents are pretty rare for a device to be detonated.”

Police said they don’t know if the device was inside or outside the vehicles. They also don’t know the motive.

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2017 Buick LaCrosse Incentives For March 2018

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2015 Lexus GX460 — a big and tall SUV that wants to live in the outback, as long as there’s a good hotel out there.


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Let’s say that what you wanted in a car was really a truck, but it had to have car-like attributes and be ultra-comfy and quiet and not really say out loud that it’s a truck…. just whisper it. This is what we call an SUV, but most SUVs have really become cars that are a bit higher than a normal car, but are still cars. They lost their spurs, they abandoned their boots (if they ever had them.)

Enter Lexus, which just happens to be still selling a couple of muscular SUVs that, while loaded up with the full complement of luxury goodies, will still get you down through the gullies and over the hill.

One of them is today’s road tester, the 2015 Lexus GX460. The conundrum is that it almost seems like a car/truck that was built to spend a lot of its life

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PPG Sees a Future in Glass-Faced Acrylic Windshields


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Mercedes Electric SUV Concept Teased Before Paris Show

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Mercedes is expected to showcase an electric SUV concept at the Paris auto show in just a few days. Until then, this video provides some good clues about its design.

The video all but confirms it’s a high-riding vehicle of some sort. Aside from the three-pointed star in the center of the grille, the model’s front face looks nothing like a current Mercedes. Inside, the Mercedes gets a new digital interface and a white-and-blue-themed cabin.

On its media website, Mercedes says that its Paris vehicle debut “embodies a tangible vision for a completely new vehicle generation with electric battery-powered drive.” An all-electric production vehicle should be ready by the end of the decade, and it is estimated to achieve around 310 miles of range.

The SUV will sit on a new vehicle

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California DMV Driving Autonomous Car Developers Off The Road & Out Of State

If we learned nothing else in grade school, we learned that going first is a scary thing. You’re expected to wow everyone watching, and you set the tone for all the folks that follow. It’s a big risk, and a big responsibility.

California is feeling those kinds of jitters right about now, as it’s among the first governments in the world to grapple with the practical complexities of autonomous cars. Will legislators and regulators muck up things for themselves and the increasingly car-focused technology companies like Google and Apple that call California home? Or will the Golden State establish a gold standard for self-driving vehicles? 

ALSO SEE: Google’s Autonomous Car Software Determined To Be A ‘Driver’ In Big Win For Self-Driving Vehicles

To answer that question, we have to consider a few facts:

1. California could be considered Planet Earth’s home base for autonomous cars. Mountain View-based Google has been testing its fleet of

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Man who lost kids in fire 25 years ago donates to family displaced by fire

A Franklin County businessman has been accepting donations for a family that lost everything in a recent fire.

Daniel Hanks, owner of Daniel’s Auto Glass in the Bassett area, heard about a family who lost everything in a fire through Facebook and immediately wanted to help.

In 1992, Hanks lost a 2-year-old son and a 9-month-old daughter in a mobile home fire.

“My wife at the time had stepped outside just briefly and the house engulfed and she couldn’t get back in,” Hanks said. “I was at work in Martinsville at the time when I got the call. I rushed home and by the time I got home there was nothing left.”

When Hanks said he heard a local family was displaced, he wrote them a check for $1,000 and started accepting donations for them at his business.

Kelsey Forren, RJ Allen and Allen’s 7-year-old son were not home when their house caught fire on

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How a Young Sugar Land Fitness Fan Became a YouTube Sensation

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Image: Courtesy of Christian Guzman’s Instagram

Christian Guzman’s mom cried for what felt like a month when, after completing his sophomore year in 2013, he decided to leave Texas State University. His dad, though, tried his best to look on the bright side: If things didn’t work out, he reminded his son, he could always re-enroll the next semester and continue to pursue his degree in business management.

“I didn’t have any doubts about dropping out,” Guzman remembers, “but everyone else did.”

Today, Guzman is a 24-year-old YouTube star, gym owner and entrepreneur with his very own energy drink—and an estimated worth of $2 million. He gets recognized not only in Sugar Land, where he lives, but across the country. How did he get here?

It was in high school at Dulles that Guzman got

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