A tale of Tesla, taxes and tequila – Autoblog

Is it a coincidence that the very same week that Tesla announced that those who wanted to get the $7,500 tax credit for buying a vehicle had to do so by October 15 CNBC reported that Musk’s company filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a brand name that would cover “Distilled agave liquor; Distilled blue agave liquor?” It’s called Teslaquila, and while it started as an April Fool’s joke, it’s suddenly sounding very real.

Think about this for a moment. A basic Model S 75D has a price of on the order of $77,000 (including $1,200 in fees). A $7,500 tax credit is not an insignificant discount for a car of that caliber. And that sum is an even greater benefit for those who are

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Watch stunned motorists dodge metal balls rolling down Seattle street – Autoblog

SEATTLE — Authorities in Seattle temporarily closed a street after motorists were stunned by dozens of large metal balls that spilled out of a truck and cascaded down the street, damaging several cars.

A video taken by a person at the scene Wednesday afternoon shows the balls loudly bouncing and rolling down the street as a driver slowly backs up, apparently attempting to escape the onslaught.

The Seattle Times reports that Seattle police spokesman Patrick Michaud said the balls appeared to be “really big ball bearings” and that it was unclear what caused the load of them to fall out of the truck.

Several cars were damaged, but no injuries were reported.

The video below from KING-TV shows close-up shots of the substantial-looking balls.

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Israel will ban sale of new gasoline or diesel vehicles in 2030 – Autoblog

JERUSALEM — Israelis will no longer be able to buy new gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles after 2030, the Energy Ministry said on Tuesday, unveiling a plan to replace them with electric cars and trucks that run on natural gas.

The challenge will be creating an initial “critical mass” of cars that will move the local industry away from gasoline and diesel engines, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said.

“We are already encouraging by funding charging stations, more than 2,000 new charging stations around the country,” Steinitz told Reuters.

The government, he said, will also “reduce taxation on electric cars to almost zero, so they are going to be much cheaper.”

The electric vehicle campaign is part of a broader plan to completely wean Israel off gasoline, diesel and coal. Israel in recent years discovered huge deposits of natural gas, a cleaner-burning fossil fuel, and it is converting its power stations accordingly.

The plan was released a

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Porsche builds ‘Classic Project Gold’ restomod for its 70th anniversary – Autoblog

Upending the usual mechanics of gift-giving, Porsche’s making itself a birthday present to celebrate its 70th year in business, then it will auction that gift to the highest bidder. The company’s historics division, Porsche Classic, calls the endeavor Project Gold. All we know of it comes from a line drawing, a 42-second video called “The Vision,” and a couple of teaser sentences. The longest of those sentences states, “A classic body is the starting point for a vehicle that will ultimately become a truly unique piece – assembled in the Porsche Classic workshop and individualized by the sports car manufacturer’s designers.”

The line drawing looks just like the upper portion of a 993-series 911. The sketches in the video reveal progress on something more than just a 993. The front and rear fenders of the body make us think of the 959,

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From military vehicle to electric beach buggy – Autoblog

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VW planning $21,000 entry-level subcompact EV crossover – Autoblog

Volkswagen has made no secret about its plans to create a line of electric vehicles while it continues to regain traction after being mired in the Dieselgate scandal. We’ve seen a few concepts under its I.D. line: a hatchback, a sedan called Vizzion, the Crozz crossover and the retro-futuristic Buzz van, for which VW also plans cargo versions. The first car to be produced will be a compact hatchback for Europe, expected to be called I.D. Neo, with sales expected in 2020.

According to Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources close to the matter, Volkswagen is now planning yet another, even cheaper electric vehicle. This EV would be a subcompact, entry-level crossover, with a starting price of about $21,000. According to the report, VW expects to sell 200,000 units of this entry I.D. EV.

With more models

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Some 2019 Subaru Ascent owners will get brand-new cars due to recall [UPDATE] – Autoblog

UPDATE: After inspection, it turns out that the issue of missing welds on Subaru Ascent models built between July 13 and July 21, 2018, was much smaller than initially thought. A Subaru spokesperson informs us that “none of the customer vehicles included in the recall were affected.”

According to Subaru, 293 brand-new 2019 Ascent crossovers built between July 13 and July 21, 2018, are missing a series of spot welds on the B-pillar. These welds add strength to the shell of the car right where the rear doors attach, which makes them extremely important to the overall structure of the vehicle. The issue was caused by improper programming of the robots that add these welds as the vehicle rolls down the assembly line.

What makes this recall particularly interesting is that 9 of these 293 affected Ascent models are already in the driveways of paying customers,

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Tesla drops ‘Full Self-Driving’ option from its configurator – Autoblog

Up until yesterday, Tesla listed “Full Self-Driving Capability” as an option for all of its cars on its website. Now, it’s been taken down for an indefinite amount of time. Before being removed, it represented a $3,000-$5,000 package you could add with the promise of Tesla activating it sometime in the future when the technology was ready.

Elon Musk responded to the dropping of the option by tweeting that it’s “Also available off menu for a week. Was causing too much confusion.” It doesn’t take long to realize why such an option would cause confusion for many car buyers. The package promised something that Tesla had no way to actually deliver anytime soon. Nobody has a full self-driving capable vehicle ready for the public yet, and it will most likely be a considerable amount of time before we see one.

Now that Tesla has removed it

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Audi E-Tron GT sedan teased before L.A. Auto Show debut – Autoblog

Audi said it was bringing its E-Tron GT concept car to the L.A. Auto Show, but now we have some teaser images of what is claimed to be the E-Tron GT sedan. The pictures popped up on Germany’s Bild and show Audi’s design boss Mark Lichte with the vehicle in question. It’s not exactly clear from Bild’s report if these images are for a concept or a production car, but it does claim the E-Tron GT Sedan will be ready for the market in 2020. We’re inclined to believe these teasers offer a decent representation of what the production E-Tron GT sedan will be like. A few details about the sedan were also released. Supposedly, it will have a 100 kWh battery pack, good for 248 miles of range. Acceleration to 62 mph is set to happen in under 4

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How to find a car that’s perfect for audiophiles – Autoblog

We get it: you’re into music, and you want options that make it easy to listen to the music formats you like. Luckily, many modern cars offer an array of options for streaming or playing tunes. There’s the well-known Bluetooth functionality that most cars have. Satellite radio is another important one. But since many folks use their smartphones as media devices in the car, the adoption of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay have become important and convenient interfaces.

But how do you find a car that supports the music-playing options you want? You could sort through every manufacturer’s spreadsheet looking for what trim package will get you satellite radio, or you could simply hop on over to our Car Finder tool. It’s simple: selecting the Music filter eliminates any cars that don’t have both Bluetooth and satellite radio. We’ve found that the presence of both of these features generally indicates that

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