Watch the bizarre sight of BMW Motorrad’s self-riding motorcycle – Autoblog

BMW Motorrad made a motorcycle that “rides” itself, and it’s … well, it’s creepy. We’ve all seen autonomous cars before, but this riderless bike is on another level. Just watch it take off, lean into turns and even deploy the kickstand as it comes to a stop. It’s mesmerizing.

One might wonder why BMW would ever waste its time developing an autonomous motorcycle. Well, there’s an answer for that. BMW says it’s all about safety and increasing its understanding of a bike’s dynamics. Once it’s able to classify a rider’s behavior on a bike, a future BMW motorcycle might be able to determine if a situation is dangerous before the rider even knows it. Once assessed, the bike could “inform, warn or intervene directly,” says Stefan Hans, a Motorrad safety engineer.

Motorcycle driving assistance systems lag behind what is offered on four-wheel transportation these days. This

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How to buy a used car | Autoblog explains – Autoblog

Buying a used car can be stressful, but follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll avoid some common mistakes.

Budget for more than the price. Used cars may have maintenance needs and little to no warranty left, so make sure you cover maintenance costs.

The pre-purchase inspection, or PPI, is important and relatively inexpensive. A trained mechanic can spot bad repairs or other problems that weren’t disclosed by the seller. Some issues might be deal breakers or give you leverage when you negotiate. Consult Autoblog’s handy guide to find a recommended mechanic.

Never negotiate blind. If you stumble across a car you love on the lot, leave and go do some research. Autoblog has some great tools and reviews to help you reevaluate any used car. Be ready when you come to the table.

Get a sense of what the car is really worth. Browse used car classifieds, taking

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Suzuki: ‘No comment’ on returning to the U.S. with the Jimny – Autoblog

It is impossible not to love the Suzuki Jimny. A prototypical cute ute, with equal parts cuteness and utility, it not only defined its segment, it became a cult classic. Now, it’s back, but unfortunately unlikely to come to the American market as the Jimny, Samurai or anything else.

“We have no comment on the Jimny or Suzuki returning to the U.S. market,” says Nathalie Geslin, a spokesperson for Suzuki in France, from the floor of the Paris Motor Show, where the adorable Jimny made its recent premiere. “For that you’ll have to ask Suzuki headquarters in Japan.” In France, this is what is known as Le Brushoff.

Geslin did confirm that, in the markets around the world where the Jimny will appear, it will be available only in one spec: an adaptable, RWD/AWD, closed hardtop with a manual transmission with available Low range, and powered by a

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Twisted Automotive will still sell you a brand new Land Rover Defender – Autoblog

Land Rover finally quit making the Defender a couple years ago. But just because it isn’t made anymore doesn’t mean people don’t want them anymore. In fact, Twisted Automotive, UK modifier of Defenders, bought 240 of them right at the end of their production run, then put them away for some project in the future.

Now, Twisted is down to its last 80 examples and just revealed what it’s planning to do with them. Forty-four new-old Defenders will be given to the branch of its company dubbed ‘Remake History.’ The concept is as straightforward as it sounds. Twisted will be remaking 44 of the Defenders to pay homage to the history of the original Land Rover. The production of these vehicles is scheduled to commence early next year.

Its last 36 Defenders will be given to a different branch of the small company named ‘Make History.’ The emphasis on

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Cadillac XT4 crossover reveals its lighting – Autoblog

The upcoming Cadillac XT4 compact crossover has once again been spotted, this time with less camouflage and an update to its lighting. Specifically, the little crossover is sporting production lighting front and rear, and it’s sure to make the luxury SUV one of the boldest-looking Cadillacs.

Part of the reason for this comes from the taillights. As we suspected from the last set of spy shots, the XT4 will have highly distinctive lights that run the full height of the C-pillar. Though it’s a similar design to that of the Escalade, it’s made more interesting by the significant forward rake of the rear pillar. Not only that, but that pillar is quite thick, too. The look is actually reminiscent of the old CTS wagon.

Moving around the side, the reduced camouflage reveals that the doors and quarter panels

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2019 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe quick spin review

The 2019 ATS-V is Cadillac’s smallest car, slotting below both the CTS and CT6 sedans. It’s also the automaker’s only two-door model, helping compete against the Audi RS5, BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe. Based on the GM Alpha platform, the ATS shares more than a little with the Chevrolet Camaro. Unlike the Camaro, the high-performance V variant uses a twin turbo V6. Like the Chevy, power is sent to the rear wheels through either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic.

Our Wave Metallic blue test car has about $10,000 worth of options, the most expensive of which are the $2,300 Recaro sport seats. The Luxury Package — alloy pedals, HID headlights, navigation and a Bose stereo system — tacks on another $2,100. There are some visual upgrades,

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Watch a 35-ton bus drive over a bridge rated for 10 tons – Autoblog

The historic Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Ark., is rated to allow vehicles as heavy as 10 tons to cross the White River at Table Rock Lake. A video that went viral last week shows a bus that weighs more than 35 tons crossing the bridge. Do the math, and you’ll understand why this was a problem.

The video pasted up above shows the bridge visibly sagging under the bus’ weight as onlookers watch in disbelief and other motorists honk at the bus driver. Officials from the Arkansas Department of Transportation closed down the bridge after seeing the video to check for damage, and, according KATV in Little Rock, reopened it October 18.

According to a report from Mashable, local highway police are tasked with enforcing the bridge’s weight limit. Let’s hope that process proves more effective the next time a massive passenger bus tries to cross the one-lane wooden span

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2019 Lincoln Nautilus road test review

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Its name is new, but the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is really a rebranded, restyled and updated version of the second-generation Lincoln MKX, which has been on sale since 2016. Renaming your bestselling vehicle is risky, but Lincoln has been struggling, and it feels the names of its vehicles are partly to blame.

Recall that since 2007, Ford’s luxury brand has used letters to name some models, including MKZ and MKX, and traditional names on others like Navigator and Continental. Well, now it’s ditching the letters and renaming those vehicles. The MKX is now the Nautilus. The smaller MKC is rumored to become the Corsair, which was a name used by Edsel back in the 1950s. The seven-passenger Aviator will go on sale in 2019, and

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GM uses wind power to build SUVs, trucks – Autoblog

This week started with a chill, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a dire report with scientists warning, “The world we know today is not the world we will see in 50 years,” with temperatures rising at their current rates. In the meantime, the trend toward purchasing more SUVs and crossovers continues. Most automakers, though, have set goals toward more sustainable production. That includes General Motors, which, somewhat ironically, plans to use wind power to produce many of its vehicles, including pickups and full-size SUVs.

As the Detroit Free Press reports, several wind farms are coming online to support cleaner production as part of a partnership between GM and energy producer CMS Enterprises. At the beginning of October, the 100-megawatt Northwest Ohio Wind Farm began producing energy, supplying GM operations in Ohio and Indiana, where manufactured vehicles include

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Ford wants to make silent electric police cars – Autoblog

An electric car moving at speed but producing next to zero noise could give new meaning to the term “silent but deadly.” That’s why the U.S. Department of Transportation has drafted legislation to ensure that, starting in 2020, all EVs and hybrids must emit some sort of noise at any speed over 19 miles per hour. Turns out, though, that there could potentially be one exception to the rule.

According to The Verge, Ford submitted a comment back in 2015 for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 141, shortly after the official public comment period ended, “regarding the legality of equipping certain vehicles used for security purposes with a means of turning off the required pedestrian alert sound.” Vehicles used for security purposes is most likely a roundabout way of saying police cars.

Although the actual comment from Ford

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