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Dealers anxiously await off-lease vehicles

For several years, Yegor Malinovskii found it difficult to find quality used vehicles at reasonable prices.

The market president of Berlin City Auto Group in Portland, Maine, searched everywhere. He tried the service drives of his eight dealerships in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and cold-calling people who had listed their vehicles for sale on Craigslist.

But relief is on the way for Malinovskii and other dealers who are in a similar circumstance. The spigot of off-lease and other used vehicles is getting ready to open, big time.

At a time when new-vehicle sales may be growing more slowly, dealerships hoping to turn more to used-car sales will find plenty of supply. But dealers will need skill to successfully take advantage of the increased supply.

“I’m saying “yes’!” said Malinovskii, at the prospect of a more plentiful pool of used vehicles. “If we get an influx of vehicles from the

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Volkswagen Dieselgate update: Dealers confront VW execs, FTC sues, sales hit the skids

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The Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal began making headlines over six months ago, so you might think that the worst of it would be over by now.

You would be wrong.

In recent days, VW’s U.S. dealers and its German executives have met at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas; the Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen, submitting several well-known commercials as evidence against the automaker; and

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