Chinese maker BYD plans US expansion into other electric industrial vehicles

BYD Qin EV300

BYD Qin EV300

It’s been several years since Chinese electric-car maker BYD retreated from plans to sell cars in the United States, but now it may be ready to get more serious about the market.

BYD has found success in building and selling electric buses for public transportation agencies, but it has not yet launched a vehicle for private consumers.

The company plans to focus more on selling to the private sector in coming years, and to expand its efforts in heavy-duty electric vehicles as well.

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The latest information comes from CNBC after Stella Li, president of BYD Motors, discussed its future growth plans in the U.S. market.

BYD is one of the world’s largest producers of electric cars.

The automaker sold more than 100,000 vehicles in 2016; in comparison, Tesla delivered

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Study equates model selection, infrastructure with electric-car sales

BMW i3 electric car at EVgo DC fast-charging station

BMW i3 electric car at EVgo DC fast-charging station

A paucity of plug-in car models available across the United States is holding back electric-car adoption.

That’s a major conclusion of a new study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)—the organization that helped uncover Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal in the United States.

The latest ICCT study looked at plug-in car sales in 50 cities across the United States and tracked the percentage of electric cars sold in those cities. 

Concentrations of electric cars in top 50 U.S. cities [Source: ICCT]

Concentrations of electric cars in top 50 U.S. cities [Source: ICCT]

The top five cities in terms of the number of electric cars on the

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Honda Clarity Electric, Plug-In Hybrid: Green Niche Appeal

Remix: Clarity Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Aim for Wider Niche A

Marketers know it as the paradox of choice: When presented with too many alternatives, consumers may get stuck analyzing which product is best—and perhaps choose none at all. Will green-car shoppers get caught in such a quagmire with the Honda Clarity lineup? Continue reading “Honda Clarity Electric, Plug-In Hybrid: Green Niche Appeal”

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Car2Go Cutting Out Portland’s Lower-Income, Racially Diverse Areas?

Car2Go Smart Fortwo, in Portland

Car2Go Smart Fortwo, in Portland

The Daimler-owned car-sharing operation Car2Go recently announced that it was massively reducing its coverage area around Portland, Oregon.

According to the company, it’s simply a smart business move, one that will keep cars in areas where they’ll be more likely to be used frequently, and less likely to be ‘stranded.’

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But some local sources note that many of the 18-square-mile portions being cut from the service area coincide with minority and lower-income areas that may be most in need of more options for inexpensive transportation.

The move dramatically cuts the area covered—from 52 square miles to 34 square miles—yet maintains the same number of vehicles currently in the Portland fleet (around 500 vehicles).

“Through extensive market studies, we have found that vehicles remain idle four

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What Cities Have Most Electric Cars In The US?

National Plug-In Day 2012: San Francisco, with 60 Nissan Leafs in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

National Plug-In Day 2012: San Francisco, with 60 Nissan Leafs in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

In the U.S., government entities on the Federal, state, and local levels are pushing for greater electric-car adoption in different ways.

While different regions in the country are working towards the same goal, the policies enacted to reach it–and the degree to which they’re implemented–can vary significantly.

Consequently, the distribution of electric cars throughout U.S. metropolitan areas is somewhat uneven.

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Researchers from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) attempted to asses the effectiveness of policies in a new

2016 Chevrolet Spark EV To Be Sold At Retail In Canada

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV  -  First Drive, Portland, July 2013

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV – First Drive, Portland, July 2013

It may not have too many more years to live, but the Chevrolet Spark EV will be sold in some new markets starting with the 2016 model year: three Canadian provinces.

While General Motors had offered the Spark EV for fleet purchase in parts of the country, it wasn’t available to retail buyers–individuals who walked into a dealer and asked for Chevy’s only battery-electric vehicle.

DON’T MISS: 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV Switches Battery Cells; 82-Mile Range Remains (May 2014)

Chevrolet will offer the 2016 Spark EV for sale in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, the three provinces that offer purchase incentives of various sorts for plug-in electric cars.

As always, given the Spark EV’s 81-mile (131-km)

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Dieter Zetsche Exiting Daimler as CEO, First Non-German Taking Over

Dieter Zetsche will step down as CEO of Daimler AG as the board appoints the first non-German successor to lead the world’s largest luxury automaker.

Ola Källenius, a 49-year-old Swede who has spent more than half his life at Daimler and currently heads RD, will take over in May 2019 as CEO and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, pending a shareholder vote. Zetsche, 65, had held a five-year contract that runs through December 2019 but has agreed to exit early as the company prepares for “fundamental changes taking place in the automotive industry,” he said in a statement. After a mandatory two-year cooling-off period in which he cannot work for Daimler, Zetsche will then chair the supervisory board in 2021.

“In various positions at Daimler, Ola has earned not only my respect, but also the recognition of his colleagues in very diverse areas,” Zetsche said.

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Electric-Car Charging Station Blocked? Get An Extension Cord!

MetLife electric-car charging station for employee use - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

MetLife electric-car charging station for employee use – Johnstown, Pennsylvania

It’s called “ICE-ing,” and sooner or later, every electric-car driver experiences it.

The term refers to a non-electric car with an internal combustion engine (or ICE) occupying a parking space where a public charging station is located.

The car is thereby blocking electric cars from recharging at that station, whether accidentally or deliberately, out of laziness or, perhaps occasionally, malice.

DON’T MISS: Been ICEd? Gas Cars Parking In Electric-Car Charging Spots (Video)

Now there’s a solution to the problem, or perhaps more accurately, a workaround.

It falls into the category of ideas that evoke a response along the lines of: “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?”

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Hot Commodity: Late-Model Volkswagen TDIs, New or Used, Are Rare and Selling for a Bundle

Volkswagen Beetle TDI

Although Volkswagen has paid dearly for its mistakes leading up to its diesel-emissions scandal, most owners of 2.0-liter TDI models have emerged relatively well off, thanks to the restitution and buyback terms of the $10 billion settlement program. Volkswagen dealerships haven’t fared too badly, either, with their $1.2 billion settlement. And now they appear to be making a bundle selling new, modified four-cylinder TDI models—while they last—as well as every used TDI they can, at prices inflated by market demand and short supply. Continue reading “Hot Commodity: Late-Model Volkswagen TDIs, New or Used, Are Rare and Selling for a Bundle”

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Four Electric Cars To Avoid Buying Used (Get A Nissan Leaf!): UPDATE

2012 Coda Sedan

2012 Coda Sedan

There are lots of very good plug-in electric cars for sale now, and quite a few of them–especially Nissan Leafs–are starting to show up on used-car lots as three-year leases expire.

We recently suggested some used hybrid-electric vehicles to avoid on the used-car lot.

Now we turn to electric cars.

DON’T MISS: Ten Used Hybrid Cars To Consider Steering Clear Of

Here are four plug-in vehicles we suggest you think long and hard before buying, no matter how attractive their prices.

Three are battery-electric, and one is a range-extended electric luxury sedan.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We originally published this article in May 2013, and it proved surprisingly popular. We’ve gone back and updated it two years later to reflect the latest news and state of the used electric-car market, though we haven’t yet added any new entries that we consider enormously substandard. Your mileage

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