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1976 Cadillac Mirage For Sale, Fits Lots Of Junk In Its Trunk

The Cadillac Mirage is a rather peculiar piece of the brand’s history. Cadillac actually commissioned the model itself, Gene Winfield custom-made and all 204 of them.

This particular 1976 Mirage is quite special, and for any individual eager to own one, this is the one. We say that because its late owner was the head of the Cadillac Mirage registry, and he meticulously took care of the vehicle. During the late owner’s time with the car, the Mirage was completely restored with a new paint job, reupholstery and a 512 cubic inch V8 engine.

The restoration also fixed minor corrosion on the bed floor and areas covered by vinyl, while all chrome and stainless steel were polished and refurbished. Since all of the work was done, just 649 miles show on the swapped odometer.

Offered for sale on Bring a Trailer, the 1976 Mirage will come with manuals, literature, photos of the

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QOTD: Which Newer Vehicles Will End up as Overpriced “Collectibles”?

Image: Kzenon/Bigstock.comThere are a lot of charlatans on the internet, and some members of this special category of people want you to purchase their car as an investment. Anyone who’s browsed the sale ads knows the type of person I’m referring to here:

“No joyrides!”

“Very rare, collectible car!”

“Special opportunity!”

“No lowballers, I know what I got.”

Of course, what they’ve usually “got” is a vehicle priced firmly in loony bin territory. Today we want to know: In the near future, which newer vehicles will be worth far less than what these opportunistic sellers are asking?

This question is the inverse of one asked back in February, where we picked out more recent vehicles that will actually be collectible in the future. I’m going to impose the same two rules as last time, as they seemed to

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Solar Panels Do Work On Cloudy Days

Clean Power

Published on February 8th, 2018
by Jake Richardson


February 8th, 2018 by  

This article is part of our “CleanTechnica Answer Box” collection. In this collection of articles, we respond to dozens of common anti-cleantech myths.

Myth: solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy.

Short answer: Solar panels do produce electricity in cloudy weather. They don’t

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