Replica Animal House Deathmobile on eBay

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Replica Animal House Deathmobile on eBay

Replica Animal House Deathmobile on eBay

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National Lampoon’s Animal House is a monument to college life and chock full of moving metal, including the “Eat Me” float, a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, a suicide-rear-doored 1964 Lincoln Continental,

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The Cars of ‘Breaking Bad’

Written by Mischa Arnosky

“Keys, scumbag. It’s the universal symbol for keys.”

Remember this? Mike Ehrmantraut says this to Walter White in the desert in the first episode of the first half … of the last season ofBreaking Bad. Mike had just left a makeshift hospital in Mexico (after feeding the chickens) and ran into Walt and Jesse. He ultimately ditched his Cadillac DTS to hop in Walt and Jesse’s white, sand-covered Dodge Charger.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen all of the episodes of best show that ever graced television (sorry, I’m one of those guys), you might want to stop reading.

And while I’m one of those insufferable supporters of AMC’s former flagship show, I’m also a car guy — and I’m thinking a lot of the writers of Breaking Bad were car guys/girls as well. Cars are big on the show.

I’m always excited when a TV show doesn’t cover a car’s badging with a piece

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Two Cadillacs, One Piece at a Time

Heidi Lynn Ferguson, 40, a corporate flight attendant from West Palm Beach, Florida, on her pair of Cadillacs, as told to A.J. Baime.

Every weekday, all over the country, communities participate in a ritual: dropping off kids at school. When I was a girl, my family moved from a farm in Oregon into an upper crust neighborhood in Portland. There was nowhere to put the livestock, so there was always animals in the back of our truck when my dad dropped me off at school. (I don’t think he ever even came to a full stop.) I…

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Cadillac : Fleetwood Hearse –cadillac (draculas

This Cadillac : Fleetwood Hearse –cadillac (draculas Ride) 1982 was last seen for sale for $2100.00 in Portland, Oregon.

Long Low & Wide: Chopped 1955 Cadillac DeVille Sled | Bring a

This 1955 Cadillac DeVille (chassis 556293397), dubbed “The Bronze God” is a very cool looking custom and seems to be the product of an extremely high quality build process. The style is one which is often attempted, but rarely as well-executed as here. Has a ’55 Cadillac ever looked any more sleek? Find it here on eBay in Portland, Oregon with an unmet $115k opening bid and additional reserve.

Forever Long: Chopped 1955 Cadillac DeVille Sled

The list of modifications is extensive, but most are not readily-apparent. The most obvious is the three inch chop, which likely necessitated the shortened fins and tail lights (one of our favorite touches). The seller states that all the glas–save for the rear window–was re-cut for the chop. The color, called “Desert Bronze,” is a 1958 OEM Cadillac hue.

Forever Long: Chopped 1955 Cadillac DeVille Sled


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Cheap Cadillac DeVille '85

Vehicle Details

This Deville sedan has been recently SOLD for oly $795 dollars, but don’t worry, if you are looking for cheap used cars in Portland, Oregon, please check our entire inventory online where you will find many pre-owned vehicles mostly priced below $5000.

If you are looking for a used cheap sedan for under $1000 in Oregon that is quite comfortable, very smooth-riding, and overall, a pleasure to drive, come and visit us in Portland to show you this Cadillac Deville, year 1985, gold color, for sale for only $795. This 4 door sedan is priced so that anyone needing a really inexpensive running vehicle can afford it. This Cadillac is great and has enough interior space for up to 6 people and comes equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power locks and mirrors, power steering, leather seats, stereo, etc. Its overall condition is decent but it needs

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Cadillac: Deville 1973 Cadillac Deville Hearse | Hearse for Sale

This Cadillac: Deville 1973 Cadillac Deville Hearse was last seen for sale for $2551.00 in Portland, Oregon.