‘Stronger than ever’: Cedardale opens in Andover – Eagle

ANDOVER — People of all ages arrived at the new Cedardale Health and Fitness club Monday morning, dressed comfortably in working clothes and smiles.

And as they walked through the doors of the new facility, located at 307 Lowell St. in Andover, they were greeted with a small reminder of how far the club has come since a March 1 fire devastated the old club, located for decades at 931 Boston Rd. in Bradford.

“Cedardale Stonger Than Ever.” 

The simple slogan was printed on one of the grey T-shirts the club had made to commemorate the opening of the new location, and it sums up the resilience of a beloved institution that has served as an integral part of life in the Merrimack Valley since it opened in 1971 in Haverhill.

“We’ve had about 40 or 50 people come in this morning,” said Greg Herbert, Cedardale’s senior manager, on Monday. “We probably have 200 or so members signed

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Street’s Fine Chicken Is Expanding

Street’s Fine Chicken, the sit-down Southern fried chicken joint in Cedar Springs, is expanding. Come summer, there will be another location of the restaurant — this time, a fast-casual take.

The second Street’s will offer much of the same menu items as the first — including their Peri-Peri style Sin Killer dish, as well as the well-loved fried chicken that incorporates French herbs. The new fast-casual spot will also offer to-go ordering, as well as whole chickens for sale. There will also be local craft beer and a few wines, all on-tap.

The Street family has a small empire in Dallas — Marco is the owner of Street’s Fine Chicken, while his father owned the restaurant that previously sat in the SFC space, The Black-Eyed Pea. Marco’s sister, Mariel, owns Liberty Burger, which has several locations across the city.

The second, fast-casual location of Street’s Fine

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New rules aim to curb illegal fishing, seafood fraud – Eagle

PORTLAND, Maine — The Obama administration is issuing new rules it says will crack down on illegal fishing and seafood fraud by preventing unverifiable fish products from entering the U.S. market.

The new protections are called the Seafood Import Monitoring Program, and they are designed to stop illegally fished and intentionally misidentified seafood from getting into stores and restaurants by way of imported fish.

The rules will require seafood importers to report information and maintain records about the harvest and chain of custody of fish, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

The program will start by focusing on “priority species” that are especially vulnerable to illegal fishing, such as popular food fish like tuna, swordfish, Atlantic cod and grouper. The government hopes eventually to broaden the program out to include all fish species, NOAA officials said.

“It sends an important message to the international seafood community that if you are open

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Used 2013 Cadillac XTS for Sale

We’ll admit that part of us is intrigued by a Cadillac that floats down the road while pillowing through potholes and wallowing over frost heaves, but mercifully, the XTS is no Fleetwood Brougham.

Authentic Confidence
For this you can thank Bill Peterson, the lead development engineer on the 2013 Cadillac XTS. His team tuned the sedan’s magnetorheological dampers to yield a controlled ride with enough compliance to satisfy all but the most highly sensitive backsides. Ride quality in “Tour” — the softer of the dampers’ two base settings — is compliant but controlled. Big impacts are adequately isolated, while body roll is well managed, which means some busyness still penetrates the cabin on a truly rough road.

You won’t find a large menu of chassis adjustments on this Cadillac, either. And their absence reaffirms our belief that the right hardware coupled with confident tuning produces a luxury sedan that doesn’t need

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Used 2013 Cadillac ATS for Sale

After a day driving around Georgia and lapping the brand-new Atlanta Motorsports Park, we can say, yup, the ATS is legit. Just to be sure, we hooked up our test equipment to a pre-production model while we were there.

No More Cimarron Jokes
Make no mistake, the 2013 Cadillac ATS is a completely brand-new, from-scratch rear-wheel-drive design (all-wheel drive is optional). True, the three available direct-injected engines have been seen before in various iterations, and the fantastic CUE infotainment system debuted in the XTS. But as a whole, this is a brand-new Caddy.

And it’s light. There’s lots of high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steel, and the chassis is scalloped out and utilizes lightening holes to shed pounds where possible. There’s also an aluminum hood, magnesium engine mount brackets and aluminum front suspension arms. End result? The base model tips the scales at 3,315 pounds, while the 3.6 V6 test car comes in

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Holden Will Be Last To End Australian Vehicle Production Following Toyota Factory Shutdown

For a short period of time, Holden will be the only vehicle manufacturer in Australia. Toyota Australia announced it would cease automobile production on October 3, 2017, just weeks before Holden does the same, according to News.Au.

Holden announced earlier this year it would close its Elizabeth factory in South Australia on October 20, 2017 after nearly 70 years of producing vehicles in Australia. The brand will make a full switch to a national importer of vehicles from various General Motors brands.

Toyota, meanwhile, will shut its operations after 53 years of vehicle production in Australia. Australia became the first country to assemble Toyota vehicles outside of Japan in 1963, and the first country to assemble Toyota engines in 1978. The Altona factory has 2 million cars alone since it was opened in 1995.

Toyota fought hard to keep the assembly lines running, but was forced to shut its

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Two Corvette Daytona Prototypes Surface For Sale

Eager for a mid-engine Corvette but don’t want to wait out the perpetual rumormill and future release date? Fear not, because you can have not one, but two race spec Corvette Daytona prototypes right now.

Road Track reports the two Corvette Daytona prototypes are ready for a new home following the decision to phase out the Daytona Prototype racing series in 2017. That means these two Corvettes have done their service.

However, there’s a catch. The Corvettes has one last race to compete in before they can officially be sold off. If you have the $700,000 to buy the pair before their final outing, you will be whisked away to Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta to hang out and watch the cars compete. Then, they’re all yours.

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1963 C2 Corvette Z06 Big Tank Owned By Mickey Thompson To Be Featured At Barrett-Jackson

Talk about a combination of desirable factors aligning just right. Not only was this 1963 C2 Corvette Sting Ray once owned by the famed Mickey Thompson, but it has two incredibly rare features, too.

This 1963 C2 Corvette Sting Ray is a “big tank” with RPO code Z06. The Z06 package provided plenty of race ready equipment, including the larger fuel tank for racing endeavors. It’s also one of five C2 Corvette Sting Rays assigned to Thompson by General Motors to be piloted.

Furthermore, it’s one of only 63 other 1963 C2 Corvette Sting Ray coupes to feature the coveted Z06 package, spearheaded by the legendary Zora Arkus-Duntov.

It’s validated, too. This Corvette has been researched, confirmed and documented by Corvette expert David Burroughs.

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale will open on January 14, 2017, and run through January 22. Be sure to watch for this and a handful of other notable GM metal, ... read more at: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2017/01/1963-c2-corvette-z06-big-tank-owned-by-mickey-thompson-to-be-featured-at-barrett-jackson/

50th Anniversary C5 Corvette Safety Car Heading To Auction

A substantial piece of Corvette history is preparing for auction. This 2003 C5 Corvette was an official safety car at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, following a back-to-back win by Corvette Racing previously.

No surprise, following the victories, Chevrolet sent six C5 Corvettes to France for duty. Two were designated as pace cars while the other four served as safety vehicles. This is one of the four.

The 2003 Corvette also helped celebrate 50 years of America’s most iconic sports car, which entered production in 1953. Previously, this Corvette was a part of the official General Motors Heritage Collection, but it was sold to a private owner during the automaker’s bankruptcy restructuring. We’d say that makes this an even more desirable vehicle.

The Corvette is equipped with a roll cage, flashing lights, safety harness and a 5.7-liter V8 engine serves as the power source, producing 350 horsepower. Only 2,000 miles

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1973 Chevy Camaro Dune Buggy Is So Unnecessary, But Kind Of Cool: Craigslist Find

Maybe you shouldn’t take this 1973 Chevrolet Camaro to normal places a dune buggy would go, but you can try. It certainly doesn’t look as if it’s the right machine for some off-road sand blasting.

However, it is kind of cool. We peg the front end parts to be from a 1973 Camaro, judging by the grille and headlamp assembly, but the rear is a weird mashup of C3 Corvette, too. This may be one of the strangest Craigslist finds we’ve seen in a long time.

The seller states the Camaro kit car/dune buggy is “very rare” (because of course it is) and is powered by a 1500 cc engine. The seller also has a real Volkswagen dune buggy for sale as well and is looking to let both of these oddball machines go for $5,000.

If just the Camaro-Corvette mashup strikes your fancy, it’s only $3,500 or best offer.

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