‘Better Call Saul’: The 12 Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Eggs

In Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman drove a white 1997 Cadillac DeVille, with the New Mexico license plate LWYRUP.

In the Better Call Saul premiere, we see Jimmy McGill walking out of the courthouse and into the parking lot, where he’s headed towards a shiny white Cadillac DeVille… before every so slightly shifting his step towards the car parked right next to it: a 1998 Suzuki Esteem, yellow, except for the orange-colored back passenger door, and looking like it has seen far better days. Jimmy later says of his ride, “The only way that entire car’s worth $500 is if there’s a $300 hooker sitting in it.”

Loyal to Loyola’s


Man charged in connection with Langford shooting

A 27-year-old man has been charged in connection with a shooting Tuesday in Langford.

Justin Lemmen was identified as the driver of a Kia Optima that crashed into the aftermath of an unrelated collision between two cars at Kelly Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway. He was arrested at the scene and a firearm was seized from the vehicle.

Lemmen has been charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a prohibited firearm in a motor vehicle, two counts of failing to comply with the conditions set out in his undertaking and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

He remains in police custody and the investigation is ongoing.

West Shore RCMP believe the Kia was one of two cars involved in a shooting about 11 a.m. outside the Happy Valley Market.

Both vehicles fled southbound on Happy Valley Road. A brown Cadillac DeVille about a bullet hole through the

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15 Clever Breaking Bad Easter Eggs Hiding in Better Call Saul

ChapStick, llamas, and tater tots are just a few things that appear in Napoleon Dynamite, a cult film shot for a mere $400,000 that went on to gross $44.5 million. In 2002, Brigham Young University film student Jared Hess filmed a black-and-white short, Peluca, with his classmate Jon Heder. The film got accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival, which gave Hess the courage to adapt it into a feature. Hess used his real-life upbringing in Preston, Idaho—he had six brothers and his mom owned llamas—to form the basis of the movie, about a nerdy teenager named Napoleon (Heder) who encourages his friend Pedro (Efren Ramirez) to run for class president.

In 2004, the indie film screened at Sundance, and was quickly purchased by Fox Searchlight and Paramount, then released less than six months later. Today, the film remains so popular that in 2016 Pedro and Napoleon reunited

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Passion as enterprise: Mecum offers car-guy dreams at real-guy prices

Something for everyone: '50s convertible, Corvette and 2004 Ferrari 575 Maranello | Larry Crane photos

Something for everyone: ’50s convertible, Corvette and 2004 Ferrari 575 Maranello | Larry Crane photos

Mecum Auctions’ Los Angeles 2017 sale last week was produced at the storied Pomona fairgrounds — now Fairplex — long-established epicenter of Southern California car enthusiast thought and action. True to the facilities’ welcome to all who play in the hobby, Mecum delivered on its promise as “every-man’s auction company” to present a broad selection of vehicles “from entry-level to museum-grade” with sale prices of cars from just a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand.

There in is the carefully groomed reason that Dana Mecum’s auction company, created in 1988, has become the volume leader in “collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales” throughout the

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Big bids fail to bag ‘big’ cars, but pickups, entry-level booming in Arizona

Our man-on-the-scene, Bob Golfen, reports that those attending Worldwide Auctioneers’ Scottsdale sale Wednesday evening saw a lot of big-ticket cars fail to sell, at least on the block (possible post-block sales might still be secured). But on the block, none of the auction’s cars promoted to be valued above seven figures made reserve.

Foremost among them was the 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser, the former Adolph Hitler parade car that has received global attention, and which reached a high bid of $7 million before rolling off unsold.

The second-highest no-sale bid at Worldwide was $2.3 million for the 2003 Ferrari Enzo, followed by a $1.35 million no sale for the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder and $1.32 million for the 1970 Dodge Challenger Hemi convertible.

A number of Worldwide’s other mid-six-figure cars also failed to reach reserve, such as the Porsche Carrera GT, which hit $560,000, and a 2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, which stalled

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Larry’s likes among premium cars at Mecum’s Kissimmee sale

With around 3,500 collector vehicles on the docket for Mecum Auctions’ annual visit to Kissimmee, Florida, trying to select just a few favorites might be too much to ask of anyone, even of someone who isn’t actually bidding. Thus, yesterday I shared my favorites from among vehicles that might be considered “affordable” by the typical classic car enthusiast, and today I’m upping the ante with a similar list, but this time focused on featured premium vehicles.

Some quick background: In this exercise, we ask ClassicCars.com Journal staffers covering auctions to share their personal favorites from the auction docket. Basically, we assume money is no object, nor impediment, and we allow our reporters to be very personal with their selections, picking the vehicles that they would like to add to their personal portfolios. 

While it usually is the high-end cars that are featured in auction previews and post-sale

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Nuvolari-raced Bugatti Type 51 on Bonhams’ Quail sale docket

Fazio Nuvolari at the Brooklands in Lord Howe’s Bugatti Type 51 | The Brooklands Society photos

Unseen in public for more than 20 years, a 1931 Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix two-seat racer, originally owned by Lord Earl Howe and driven by Tazio Nuvolari has been consigned for Bonhams’s annual Quail Lodge auction during Monterey car week in August.

Never previously offered for public sale, the car has had only two owners since the 1950s. Its current owner has had the car for more than 30 years.

The Type 51 raced four times in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Nuvolari, Howe (right) and Brooklands scrutineer Hugh McConnell

Francis Curzon, the fifth Earl Howe, was the first president of the British Racing Driver’s Club. He was a long-time Bugatti client and his Type 51 was one of the first to be delivered and carries the first chassis number in a series of only 40

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Fast cars highlight docket for Australian auction

Streamliner set world speed recording 1997 for vehicle with 500cc or smaller engine | Mossgreen Auctions photos

Streamliner set world speed recording 1997 for vehicle with 500cc or smaller engine | Mossgreen Auctions photos

The world’s fastest 500cc car,  as well as a 1957 Australian racing special that has an invitation to Goodwood and what launched as “the fastest unsupercharged standard British car,” are highlights of the Mossgreen Auctions sale scheduled for November 27 in Melbourne.

In 1953, John Brisse of England set a land speed record for a car with a 500cc or smaller engine by averaging 118 mph for one hour. The record stood until 1997, when Henry Julien and Bernard Boyer, working with Honda France and Michelin, among others, launched their small French Blue-colored streamliner and averaged 138.26 mph at a race track at Mortefontaine, some

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Vintage tractor collection brings nearly $2 million at Mecum’s Gone Farmin’ auction

Fenders designed to protect low-hanging branches and fruit make orchard tractors look like they're reading for racing | Larry Edsall photos

Fenders designed to protect low-hanging branches and fruit make orchard tractors look like they’re ready for racing | Larry Edsall photos

A Porsche for only $23,000? It’s true. Because when it comes to collectors of vintage farm tractors, Porsche’s appeal doesn’t match that of brands such as Minneapolis-Moline. (Yes, like Lamborghini, Porsche was in the tractor business, producing diesel-powered farm equipment from the 1930s into the early 1960s.)

Among vintage tractor buyers, at least those attending the Charles Schneider Collection sale staged last weekend by Mecum Auction’s Gone Farmin’ division, it was Minneapolis-Moline that was the brand to buy. Five of the top six sales involved the brand that build farm equipment from 1929 to

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