1952 Buick Land Speed Record Holder Heading To Auction: Video

When thinking of land speed records, a Buick isn’t necessarily the first brand to conjure thoughts of blistering fast vehicles. But, this 1952 Buick Super Riviera did just that in 2013.

The 1952 Buick is a six-time class champion, according to Motor Authority, and set the record land speed record of 165.725 mph. So, yes, it’s kind of fast.

Jeff Brock discovered the 1952 Buick near Phoenix, Arizona in 2008 where it remained in solid condition, but not land-speed record setting condition. Brock, a sculptor, took the 1952 Buick and decided to create bare metal racer, preserving time-period details, but capturing a menacing look at the same time.

Bombshell Betty, as the Buick has been nicknamed, is currently up for auction via The DuPont Registry with a $195,000 asking price. Not only could this be a statement piece, but it will do things most modern sports cars can’t straight out of

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A new permit is brewing in Peabody

The North Shore is among the many areas around the country playing catch-up in the craft brewery game, after experiencing the setback nearly one century ago that was 13 years of prohibition in 1920. At least that’s Chris Lohring’s theory. 

And he’s someone who is very much in the game now: he’s opening the Notch brewery and tap room in Salem soon.

“We’re getting our beer culture back,” he said.

The spread of craft breweries seems to tap into consumers’ desires to know what they’re buying, to buy it locally and to have an enjoyable experience. As for municipalities, they’re working to ease the way for similar businesses to fill a need for mixed-use ventures and to attract local residents as well as tourists.

That’s why Peabody is crafting a special permit to allow breweries, distilleries and wineries to set up shop in the city, said Karen Sawyer Conard, director of community development and planning. 

“Craft beer

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2016 Buick Cascada: First Drive

When Buick invited me to drive the 2016 Buick Cascada in southern Florida, it made a lot of sense. It’s a market where 90 percent of all convertibles are sold in the United States, and for obvious reasons. In the Sunshine State, it seems like every dozen vehicles or so is a drop-top of some type or another, rental car or not. Though when I got behind the wheel of a Deep Sky Metallic 2016 Cascada on an early Key West morning en route to Miami Beach, I was anticipating that there would be some sort of engaging stretch of road to really get a feel on the dynamics of this drop-top — the first Buick-branded convertible since the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. That’s the 1991 Reatta, for you sad souls with no sense of history.

There weren’t any roads that could provide a major shakedown of the Cascada. Instead,

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2017 Cadillac XT5 Landing In China On April 12

The 2017 Cadillac XT5 is nearly ready to replace the aged Cadillac SRX, and hopefully do good things for the brand’s growth in the crossover segment. As it prepares to enter the North American market, the brand has also announced an official launch date for China.

The 2017 Cadillac XT5 will arrive in China on April 12, according to the brand, which will follow up the launch of the 2016 Cadillac CT6.

Unlike the North American Cadillac XT5, the 2017 Cadillac XT5 in China will arrive exclusively with a 2.0-liter LTG turbocharged four-cylinder, foregoing the 3.6-liter LGX V6 option. Cadillac is rumored to be mulling over a U.S. introduction for the 2.0-liter turbo later in the vehicle’s lifecycle.

Power is still delivered through an electronic precision shift unit, eight-speed automatic transmission, and is sent through front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Following the introduction of the XT5, Cadillac will execute a hiatus of

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Battling The Undead: Meet The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1

Ready to feel old? The original Ghostbusters arrived in theaters 32 years ago. Now, in 2016, Columbia Picture’s has brought the film back for a reboot, featuring a cast of all women busters.

Autoweek received an invitation to check out what the female Ghostbusters would be rolling in to take care of the undead problem this time around, and it’s still a Cadillac.

“I love how in the original movie they had the old car from the ’50s,” Ghostbusters director Paul Feig told Autoweek in an exclusive interview.

“I like the idea that they don’t have any money,” Feig explained about the all-girl crew in the new film. “The Ghostbusters are kind of scrappy and pull something together and so I felt like, ‘What’s the era that we would pull from?”

And so, the film crew landed this 1982 Cadillac hearse to become the new Ecto-1.

“I just I like those mid-’80s

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Jay Leno-Featured Deronda G400 Sports Car Is For Sale At $65000: eBay Find

We’ve seen many amazing vehicles pass through Jay Leno’s Garage, like this Deronda G400 sports car. This particular model is the first one to have ever been built, and it’s now up for sale on eBay.

With a dry weight of 1,900 pounds and an LS2 pumping out 400 horsepower, this nimble beast is able to blast-off from 0 to 60 in a little over three seconds.

Have a look at the laundry list of highlights below:

  • Powder coated 4130 Chromoly tube chassis, professionally TIG welded
  • Double side-impact protection bars to supplement main chassis tubes
  • Front crash structure and rear crash bar
  • Fully braced dual roll hoops hidden behind headrests
  • ATL foam baffled, race quality fuel cell
  • Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber bodywork
  • Baer 4-piston calipers. 13” rotor front. 12” rotor rears
  • Adjustable brake bias
  • Onboard fire suppression system
  • GM LS2 – 400hp/400lb-ft
  • Porsche G50 Transaxle
  • Launch Control
  • Traction Control
  • 18/19” staggered aluminum alloy wheels
  • Jet-Hot coated 304 stainless steel exhaust with catalytic converters
  • Toyo T1R Proxes

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Chevrolet SSR Lifted Up Is A Rugged Convertible: eBay Find

The Chevrolet SSR, oddly, shared the body-on-frame setup of a Chevrolet Trailblazer and GMC Envoy at the time. With that in mind, a brave soul with imagination and some money could convert one into a high-riding rock crawler of sorts. And this eBay seller did, which we thank them for bringing such an interesting creation into our lives. Let’s call it an SSR ZR2.

As of today, April 15th, the listing has ended. Considering all the components included in the sale we’d say that it isn’t terribly priced, though we wonder if the seller received close to the asking price. The “500 hp” LS3 and cryo-treated 4L65E transmission built by Hughes Performance make it a bit more appealing. It also has the following:

Pingry list grows in ‘typical’ child sex abuse scandal | Di Ionno

A typical child sexual abuse case.

That’s how the allegations against former Pingry School teacher and coach Thad Alton are playing out.

One alleged victim comes forward. Then another. Then a couple of more. And then more alleged victims — who suffered in silent shame thinking they were the only ones — become emboldened and come out and join forces.

The number connected to Alton is growing. It was four just 10 days ago when Pingry sent out a letter to alumni and the school community saying it learned “distressing news” about Alton, who worked at Pingry’s elementary school campus in Short Hills for six years in the 1970s.

And now up to 14 people have come forward, according to the law firm representing the alleged victims.

MORERecent Mark Di Ionno columns

This act of transparency was one year in the making. The Portland law firm of Crew

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Cadillac Brings Carbon Black Sport Package To 2017 ATS-V Sedan And Coupe

Feast your eyes on the new Carbon Black package for the 2017 Cadillac ATS-V. Offered on the 2017 ATS-V Sedan and Coupe, the Carbon Black sport package “further enhances the engaging performance and striking design” of Cadillac’s compact super sedan and super coupe.

The Carbon Black package for the 2017 ATS-V offers the following content:

2017 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan Carbon Black 003


  • Models:
    • 2017 ATS-V Sedan
    • 2017 ATS-V Coupe
  • Exterior colors:
    • Velocity Red
    • Black Raven
    • Phantom Gray Metallic
    • Red Obsession Tintcoat
    • Crystal White Tricoat
  • Interior colors
    • Jet Black
    • Light Platinum


Pricing for the 2017 ATS-V with the Carbon Black sport package has not yet been announced. We expect pricing information to be released when 2017 model year vehicles go into production in the August/September 2016 timeframe.

Carbon Black Sport Package For Non-V ATS

The Carbon Black sport package is also available for the (non-V) 2017 Cadillac ATS, albeit with slightly different content. See more on the 2017 Cadillac ATS Carbon Black sport package.

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Homemade Street-Legal ‘COPO’ Chevrolet Camaro Up For Sale: eBay Find

A street-legal Chevrolet “COPO” Camaro was recently listed on eBay for the price of $140,000. Since the listing was ended in less than a week we assume the seller, Rides Auto Sales, managed to get the price it wanted.

That may sound like a lot of money to some, but when you consider the fact that the Certified Race Chassis alone was $72,000 from Gas Monkey Garage, and all the work that’s gone into you’ll see how quickly it adds up. The engine work alone is extensive, but this Camaro was built and modified to be a top competitor at the track, yet still tame enough for street-use. Part of the work also included moving the engine back two inches in order to get more weight towards the rear. It’s registered as a 2013 Homemade Replica Camaro with a North Dakota title.

A fully-built LSA sits under the hood,

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