DOT looks to ease path to autonomous vehicle deployment with updated policy

Embark began on-highway tests, in a partnership with Ryder and others, last year in four western states.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao on Wednesday announced the U.S. DOT is seeking public input on policies to hasten the deployment of self-driving trucks, buses and passenger cars, including vehicles that require no human input to operate.

In three separate notices to be filed in the Federal Register in the coming weeks by various agencies within the DOT, regulators intend to glean input from developers of automated vehicles, end users, the public and other stakeholders to produce what Chao dubbed the Federal Automated Vehicle Policy 3.0.

Autonomous vehicle technologies will have a tremendous impact on society in terms of safety, mobility and security,” Chao said in an address at the Consumer Electronics

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Dawson, Jr., John Stanley

John Stanley Dawson, Jr., 82, of Rochelle and his wife, Margaret Anne Estes Dawson, both passed away on Friday, January 12, 2018, in an automobile accident in Rochelle, Va. He was born on March 29, 1935, in Montross, Va., the son of the late John Stanley Dawson Sr. and Georgia Mann Dawson. Mr. Dawson graduated from Virginia Tech where he received a master degree in Genetics. He was the former owner and Geneticist of Fort Halifax Packing Company in Winslow, Maine. and former owner and operator of Novus Windshield Repair of Central Virginia also known as Dawson Family Glass. He is survived by four sons, John Stanley Dawson III of Williamsburg, James William Dawson of Boston, Mass., Michael Leigh Dawson and wife, Carmen of Glenn Allen, and Mark Andre Dawson and wife, Andrea of Rochelle; sisters-in-law, Rebecca Lea Estes Gore and Joyce Taylor Estes, both of Rochelle; grandchildren, Lauren and

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Chemically strengthened glass finds a new application

Modern bulletproof glass still relies on lamination. Also known as ballistic glass, the tough transparent armor, which fortifies vehicles used for transporting the pope, the U.S. president, and other dignitaries, often contains several layers of annealed glass bonded together with a film of poly(vinyl butyral), polyurethane, or other polymers. It can also be made from multiple bonded layers of glass and polycarbonate measuring up to several centimeters in thickness. Ballistic glass is strong, tough, and durable but much too heavy, thick, and expensive for mobile touch screens and ordinary automobile windshields. That’s where thin, chemically strengthened glass comes in.

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Price reduced for Redmond ranch near Westcliffe

WESTCLIFFE — If you want a home where the buffalo roam and a sprawling 55,486 acres of land surrounding it, Ranch Marketing Associates has just that for sale near Westcliffe. All at a “reduced” price of $49 million.

The Wolf Springs Ranch, owned by hair care mogul and Aussie brand founder Tom Redmond, originally was listed for $54.7 million in 2014.

“It’s a one of a kind ranch and, with its price point, it takes a unique buyer but I am optimistic that we will sell it this year,” said Ron Morris, a real estate broker who co-owns Ranch Marketing Associates. “We got very close last year.”

Even at its reduced price, which averages out to $883 an acre, the ranch is ranked fourth among the top 10 most expensive properties currently on the market in Colorado, according to PropertyShark, a real estate data provider.

Not surprisingly, five of the top 10 most expensive

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Trump administration releases proposal to allow workers to band together for health insurance

The Department of Labor released a proposed rule to allow workers to band together to receive health insurance.

The rule is in response to President Trump’s executive order intended to allow people to buy lower-cost health insurance that can circumvent some of the mandates created under Obamacare. It has been billed by supporters as allowing insurance to be sold across state lines.

The Department of Labor’s proposal, released Thursday, makes regulatory changes to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, known as ERISA.

The proposed regulation would change the definition of “employer” by allowing individual workers or small groups of people with a “commonality of interest” to join together, such as people who are engaged in the same kinds of trade or business. By doing so, they would be considered one large employer for the purpose of providing coverage.

Regulations currently stipulate that members have to be in the same

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Take precautions to prevent your windshield from shattering in bitter cold


In this brutally cold weather, cranking the heat in the car is something we all do, but you could cause some damage to the windshield if you’re not careful.

It is very tempting to blast the heat as soon as you get into your car, and auto care experts say that is fine as long as your windshield doesn’t have any cracks in it.

“If there’s no impact marks, no chips, no small cracks, by turning the defroster on, it will not break the windshield,” said John Jasminski, owner of American Autoglass.

That’s especially with temperatures hovering well-below the freezing mark.

“If you’re using an ice scraper, you don’t want to hit the windshield. Also, if you’re driving behind cars that have snow on the roof, I would be careful,” Jasminski said.

He’s spent several winters repairing windshields.


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Fuyao workers briefly evacuated after equipment issue

MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) — Workers at Fuyao Glass America spent a few minutes in the cold early Tuesday morning.

Crews respond to a reported fire at Fuyao Glass America in Moraine (Photo: Darren King)

Authorities say an employee shot off a conveyor belt and altered the fire department after the belt started smoking.

It happened at the Fuyao Glass America Plant in Moraine around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Workers evacuated the plant while firefighters checked for a fire.

Authorities say there was not a fire. A machine was allowed to cool off and the smoke cleared the building before workers were let back inside.

Workers were back inside and back to work before 4 a.m. Tuesday.

No one was hurt.

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Winter weather damaging windshields

Several days of icy conditions across the Brazos Valley is taking a toll on our cars.

Freezing temperatures have left icicles hanging off highway bridges in College Station. They may seem like a pretty sight, but they’re causing trouble.

“We’ve had somebody call in say that they had some ice come off of an overpass off of highway 6 and smash up their jeep windshield,” said Camille Rickle with Safelite AutoGlass.

Employees at Safelite AutoGlass repair said this is an unusual scenario for them.

“I’ve heard people say things have fallen on vehicles themselves but not ice, not here,” said Rickle.

They’ve seen a lot of cracked windshields due to the cold.

“If they have little chips in their windshield that they may not know about…with the weather and the cold it could expand and cause cracks to come straight across,” said Rickle.

Oliver Sims with Anco

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Fuyao offers ‘hardship fund:’ Dayton Business – Dayton Daily News

Established by a contribution from Fuyao, the fund will provide a “structured way” for the company to help employees after experiencing financial difficulties due to situations such as the loss or destruction of a home, medical expenses caused by severe illness or accident or death of an employee’s immediate family member, the foundation said.

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