2019 Lincoln Nautilus vs 2018 Cadillac XT5: How they compare on paper – Autoblog

There will no doubt be endless ads touting the “first-ever” 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, which is accurate, but it’s really just a mid-cycle update of an existing midsize luxury SUV attached to a greatly welcomed name change. Frankly, Lincoln could’ve called it the Diamond Jubilee Bill Blass and it would’ve been an improvement. Whatever. The MKX is dead. Long live the Nautilus.

Now, speaking of SUVs with silly alphanumeric names, the 2018 Cadillac XT5 lines up remarkably well with the 2018 MKX. Besides hailing from American luxury brands, they have virtually identical exterior dimensions and similar standard engines as well. Cross-shopping seems assured.

But what does the change to the 2019 Nautilus mean for how it compares to the XT5? Cosmetic changes might tweak exterior dimensions by a tenth of an inch here or there, but the interior should remain the

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Canada offloading hundreds of nearly new cars it bought for G7 Summit – Autoblog

Are you looking for a deal on a lightly used 2018 Chrysler 300C? Do you feel like purchasing several at a time? Do you feel like visiting Canada? If all of these apply, you might be able to catch a pretty decent bargain. The Canadian government is offloading Chryslers and hundreds of other cars it bought for the G7 Summit held in Québec in the summer, and the cars can be had quite cheaply.

Originally, over 600 brand new cars were bought to ferry summit guests around Québec, some of them in motorcades, necessitating the choice of very official-looking black on black 300C models with tinted windows. The RCMP said it turned out to be more affordable to buy the vehicles than to rent or lease them, but it still didn’t come cheap for Canada. The bulk purchase price

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2020 Cadillac CT4 spy shots reveal sedan-heavy approach in age of SUVs – Autoblog

You’re looking at some pictures of the 2020 Cadillac CT4, which will be smaller than the upcoming CT5. And since they’re both smothered in similar-looking camouflage, which is specifically intended to confuse, you might think they look pretty similar. In isolated photos, it’s sometimes hard to tell which sedan you’re looking at. In fact, when we first saw this car recently, we also thought it was a CT5. Here’s how we know they’re actually two different cars.

Some background: The CT5 is slated to replace the CTS, and to try and find the balance that the old car couldn’t achieve in the lineup. Cadillac’s former CEO previously stated that this car would also fill in for the ATS, which is on its way out. Whatever it ends up being, it’ll have to make a clear case for itself against the CT6 — it

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Why does this Cadillac fob seem to be for a mid-engine roadster? – Autoblog

Is GM bringing back its Caddied-up Corvette sibling, the Cadillac XLR — only this time based on the mid-engine Corvette? That’s the question posed by photos of a wedge-shaped Cadillac key fob someone provided to The Drive.

The buttons show a trunk — and also a frunk. So, mid-engine, unless the fob goes with an EV that has its motors and other electrical bits scattered to the wheels and elsewhere. Also, there’s a button to operate a droptop. And the car profile on the fob is Corvette-like.

All of which makes for some pretty great speculation. Except that Cadillac’s way back from the failures of its sedan-centric lineup was thought to be through SUVs such as the new XT4 compact crossover, the XT5 and the somewhere-in-testing three-row XT6. Plus, the XLR, which was produced

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2016 Chevrolet Volt First Drive

There’s a hit vehicle hiding in GM’s formula for the Chevy Volt. You can sense it in the enthusiasm that current Volt drivers have for their cars. You can see it in the amount of money GM has poured into its extended-range electric vehicle project. And perhaps most importantly, you can feel it from the driver’s seat of the new, second-gen model. The big question is whether or not GM will be able to turn its much-hyped ‘halo car’ into a best-seller this time around. After driving it in northern California, I can tell you that the Volt is tremendous. But we all know it takes more than that to create a hit.

GM has so far sold over 82,000 Volts in the US. That’s respectable, but in the early, glory days before the car launched, company representatives were talking about much more impressive

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The Approach That Takes Crucial Urban Climate Action

Junkyard Gem: 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 4.5 – Autoblog

The last big luxury car made by Mercedes-Benz prior to the use of the S-Class designation was the W108, built for the 1965 through 1973 model years. These were serious machines, built to staggeringly high quality standards and priced accordingly; the 280SE 4.5 was one of the top high-roller sedans of 1972. Here’s one that lasted for 45 years before ending up in a Phoenix self-service wrecking yard.

There’s not a trace of rust on this car, and the interior looks like it’s about five years old. Why, then, is this car facing the cold steel jaws of the crusher?

Here’s why: a value-destroying engine fire. The flames didn’t spread much outside the engine compartment, but the cost of fixing this damage would be more than the price tag on a pretty nice 280SE

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Opel and Vauxhall reveal 325-horsepower Insignia OPC/VXR – Autoblog

General Motors may be on life support, but the European operations at Opel and Vauxhall are still showing a 325-horsepower pulse. The latest signs of life come in the form of the hotted up Insignia variant shown above. In right-hand drive Vauxhall form, the super Insignia is badged as the VXR, while the left-hand steered continental version gets an OPC suffix. Regardless of the steering wheel position, all of the important Nürburgring-tuned bits are the same, and in this case, it appears to be another derivative of the technology that first appeared last year in the Saab 9-3 Turbo-X.

That means there is a turbocharged 2.8-liter V6 under hood, now with power boosted to 325 horsepower (from the 300 hp in the Saab and the Cadillac SRX). The 295 lb-ft of torque is fed through a six-speed manual gearbox, and out to all four

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In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Chevy Aveo LT – Autoblog

2007 Chevy Aveo LTMake no mistake: this is not a car that will floor you with avant-garde looks. That said, the restyling it has undergone for the 2007 model year is very effective. The bland anonymity of the 1st-gen Aveo has been replaced by a new look that clearly and effectively defines it as a Chevy. The redesigned front end is quite good-looking — particularly when you compare it to other cars in the econobox/sedan segment. It’s definitely more attractive than its hometown (remember, the Aveo’s Korean) rival, the Hyundai Accent. A chrome split-bar grille wears a prominent bowtie, clearly establishing the Aveo as a Chevy. Large headlights that sport a familial shape (think Cobalt) flank it, and the rest of the fascia is an all-body-color affair that ends

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2012 Volvo XC60 R-Design

Will Pumping Up With Polestar Make People Notice?

There are injustices in the auto industry just like in life. Sometimes the right person gets passed over for a job, the best player doesn’t get to start or the wrong verdict is reached by a jury. And sometimes a good vehicle just doesn’t get bought. That’s what is happening with the Volvo XC60, which ended last year at the bottom of the sales list compared to luxury crossover competitors from Lexus, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lincoln and Acura.

While it’s certainly true that luxury segments are packed with qualified candidates on which to spend your capital gains, the XC60 has compared favorably with the lot of them since its inception back in 2008, and so we’re continually befuddled by its comparatively low sales numbers.

The blame could fall

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