The Beast: President Barack Obama’s High-Tech Super-Limo

Last year the world snickered at the sight of the Presidential limousine high-centered on a Dublin driveway. But it pays to remember that we were laughing at the foreign stand-in to what may be the world’s most high-tech mobile fortress.

The exact specifications of President Obama’s limousine, also known as “The Beast,” are a matter of national security, and therefore kept secret, but some of the car’s key specs have been made public, and there are even more guessed at or postulated. Built by GM and nominally a Cadillac, the vehicle is actually based on the industrial-duty GMC TopKick truck platform. Thanks to its massive size and heft, The Beast drinks fuel at a rapid rate, scoring just 8 mpg.

Bullet-proof is just the beginning
It’s known that the limo is heavily armored, with 8-inch thick doors, for example. The superstructure is made of titanium, ceramic, steel, and aluminum. It has its

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New pickups are GM’s biggest test since bankruptcy

PONTIAC, Michigan (Reuters) – General Motors Co is counting on muscled-up, more refined versions of its lucrative Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickup trucks to show investors and car buyers that the No. 1 U.S. automaker is back on track.

The 2014 model-year trucks are the most critical launch for the Detroit company since its bankruptcy and $50 billion U.S. taxpayer-funded bailout in 2009. The trucks are also a linchpin in GM’s ongoing battle with No. 2 U.S. carmaker Ford Motor Co, whose F-150 truck is the industry’s top-selling vehicle.

GM showed off the new full-size pickups in Pontiac, Michigan, on Thursday, and executives are touting the benefits of the vehicles, which will initially be offered in the most popular four-door, “crew cab” version in the second quarter of next year.

“There’s nothing more core to our business than our trucks,” GM North American President Mark Reuss

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2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Gets Even More Capable Off-Road

When it comes to full size pickups that will take you to the middle of nowhere at alarmingly high speeds, Ford’s highly successful F-150 SVT Raptor is in a class by itself. The already-capable truck gets a few significant upgrades for the 2012 model year, and the changes should help improve the truck’s rock-crawling and climbing ability.

First up is a new Torsen front differential, which will give the 2012 Raptor better front end grip over obstacles than its 2011 counterpart. The Torsen differential uses a helical gearset to transfer torque from a wheel that’s slipping to the wheel that still has traction. The system multiplies torque with a bias ratio of 2.5:1, and is designed and calibrated to minimize steering feedback (which is a good thing in an off-road setting).

Since the Raptor’s now-standard 6.2-liter V-8 makes it the most powerful half-ton pickup on

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New York Auto Show: Horsepower Wars in Full Swing


The horsepower wars will be in full swing at this week’s New York International Auto Show, as automakers inject more power into everything from muscle cars to SUVs.

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Fiat Chrysler (NYSE:FCAU) is set to have a busy show. Both Dodge and Jeep have big reveals on the way, and the drag-strip-ready Dodge Demon will likely steal the show before it even officially begins.

Elsewhere, a concept for a new off-road vehicle is coming from Toyota (NYSE:TM).

Automakers will also bring an array of luxury vehicles to New York. Crossovers remain in focus, while Lincoln is ready to show off the production version of its next-generation Navigator.

The New York auto show kicks off Wednesday with press conferences featuring the newest models. The event opens to the public Friday.

1. Dodge Demon

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the center of attention heading into the show.

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Boulder County Incentive Program Drives Adoption Of Two “Sexy Electrics” — Solar & Electric Cars (Episode 47 Of Local Energy Rules Podcast)

$9,641 = Annual Savings Taking Public Transportation In USA

Changing Car Names: Smudging The Past, Blurring The Future?

Would car buyers love the Lincoln MKS if it were more Continental?

Should the Acura RLX give in to ego and pronounce, “I Am Legend”?

Does an Infiniti G37 by any other name sound as sweet?

Car names aren’t just clever or memorable. They’re a critical piece of multi-million-dollar marketing strategies meant to influence the way you think about a car before you’ve ever driven it.

As such, new car names are decisions not taken lightly. When a name isn’t resurrected or simply carried over, it can turn into an onomastic quest for the holy grail. Sometimes millions of dollars are spent, and dozens of names are generated, in the pursuit of one good one–a simple, non-copyrighted, inoffensive, catchy, short, numerologically favorable, pleasant-sounding noun or alphanumeric combination.

It’s a difficult task, which is why changing car names can be doubly tough, and why car companies

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IKEA Group Acquires 25,000 Acre Forest In Alabama

IKEA Group Acquires 25,000 Acre Forest In Alabama

1967 Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro Concept To Lead 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour

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