2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk First Drive: Hellcat All The Things

– Portland, Maine

Fiat Chrysler’s engineers and product planners are lunatics. Wonderful, fantastic, passionate lunatics.

This 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is far more ridiculous than any supercharged version of the Charger or Challenger, even the 840-horsepower Demon. The natural progression of a muscle car like the Challenger implies that as time goes on, it’ll get more and more power to keep interest alive. SRT becomes Hellcat. Hellcat becomes Demon. With each new up-tune, the Challenger – now over a decade old – is instantly relevant again. What’s next? Either the end of the road, or, uh, Helldemon? (I hope it’s Helldemon.)


You guys, this is an eleven-second Jeep. Just think about that for a moment.

But a 707-hp Jeep sport-utility

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USS Portland set to get laser weapon in historic Navy test | Daily …

  • Laser will be installed as early as this fall and will be a ‘bolt-on capability’
  • Prototype will not be integrated into the ship’s warfare system 


Huge BC money-laundering investigation pivots to drugs and guns

In December 2015, a new leg of the RCMP’s E-Pirate money-laundering investigation delved into Metro Vancouver’s underworld of fentanyl labs, gun sales and violent dial-a-dope gangs.

It started with undercover officers tracking the movements of a Burnaby man named Ge ‘Gary’ Wang.

The offshoot investigation, code-named Prophet, grew from extensive surveillance of the many alleged employees of E-Pirate’s primary target, Paul King Pao Jin. In E-Pirate, the RCMP and B.C. government documents allege a network of organized criminals established a massive underground banking channel between Richmond and Mainland China, using VIP gamblers from Macau to buy chips, mostly at River Rock Casino, in order to launder hundreds of millions in drug cash. The operation allowed ultra-wealthy Chinese businessmen, some allegedly with ties to organized crime, to move money from China to Canada while evading China’s tight capital export controls.

Postmedia News has pieced together the story of Prophet through

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Taming Turbulence Could Slash Global Energy Usage

Mercedes Electric SUV Concept Teased Before Paris Show

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Mercedes is expected to showcase an electric SUV concept at the Paris auto show in just a few days. Until then, this video provides some good clues about its design.

The video all but confirms it’s a high-riding vehicle of some sort. Aside from the three-pointed star in the center of the grille, the model’s front face looks nothing like a current Mercedes. Inside, the Mercedes gets a new digital interface and a white-and-blue-themed cabin.

On its media website, Mercedes says that its Paris vehicle debut “embodies a tangible vision for a completely new vehicle generation with electric battery-powered drive.” An all-electric production vehicle should be ready by the end of the decade, and it is estimated to achieve around 310 miles of range.

The SUV will sit on a new vehicle

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California DMV Driving Autonomous Car Developers Off The Road & Out Of State

If we learned nothing else in grade school, we learned that going first is a scary thing. You’re expected to wow everyone watching, and you set the tone for all the folks that follow. It’s a big risk, and a big responsibility.

California is feeling those kinds of jitters right about now, as it’s among the first governments in the world to grapple with the practical complexities of autonomous cars. Will legislators and regulators muck up things for themselves and the increasingly car-focused technology companies like Google and Apple that call California home? Or will the Golden State establish a gold standard for self-driving vehicles? 

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To answer that question, we have to consider a few facts:

1. California could be considered Planet Earth’s home base for autonomous cars. Mountain View-based Google has been testing its fleet of

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Local coffee shop owners will appear on Fox morning show – Eagle

HAVERHILL — If you live in or around Haverhill, you’ve probably dropped by or have heard about Battle Grounds Coffee Company on downtown Washington Street.

Now a national audience will learn about Battle Grounds and its owners Salvatore DeFranco, a former Navy SEAL, and his wife Dana. They will be the featured guests on Fox Friends on Friday, Dec. 8, when the show’s hosts shine a spotlight on this veteran-owned and operated business. The show airs daily from 6-9 a.m. on the Fox News Channel.

Since opening their shop in September 2016, Sal and Dana DeFranco have hosted numerous social events there. In a very short time, their shop has become a meeting place for the community as well as a venue for artists, musicians, and other performers to showcase their talents.

Located at 39 Washington St., Battle Grounds served as organizational headquarters for the recent Big Dog show on the Bradford Common presented by local

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IKEA Group Acquires 25000 Acre Forest In Alabama

‘We shouldn’t have to wait years:’ Car owners left waiting for replacement of dangerous air bags

KENOSHA — They’re supposed to keep you safe, but could actually put you in harm’s way — so why are some Wisconsin drivers being forced to wait years to have these potentially dangerous air bags replaced?

It’s a question Betty Dennison of Kenosha asked after receiving a recall notice for her 2008 Ford Edge.

“I’m told nothing can be done,” Dennison said.

Betty Dennison drives her 2008 Ford Edge.

Dennison sometimes feels like a taxi driver in her own car.

“Anyone that’s gonna ride in my car now is supposed to sit in the back seat,” Dennison said. “She lives with me, my mom, and everywhere we go, it’s better for her to be in the front seat with me, and not in the back seat with the wheelchair.”

Betty Dennison sits in the living room with

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