2020 Cadillac XT6 Nails the Three-Row Part, Needs Work on the Luxury Part

Photo credit: Brad Fick – Car and Driver

From Car and Driver

UPDATE 3/21/19: Cadillac has released pricing for the XT6. Click here for full information.

Calling crossovers and other tall, family-oriented vehicles boring is now a trope. Of course boxy wagons designed to ease the schlepping of children, stuff, or some combination of both through Americans’ daily lives aren’t going to stoke embers in car enthusiasts’ loins the way, say, Cadillac’s 640-hp CTS-V sports sedan might. So, we’re not going to fault Cadillac’s all-new three-row XT6 for being bland-even if the only splash it makes is when the first customer car encounters a puddle. Instead, we’ll call it out for

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