GM asks NHTSA to let it skip recalling 6M trucks with Takata airbags

General Motors is seeking to avoid recalling of millions of trucks and SUVs equipped with Takata airbag inflators that are known to spew shrapnel at drivers and passengers in the event of a crash.

The automaker filed its latest petition—it’s filed an exemption petition for the same recall since 2016—this year, which the NHTSA made public this week and The Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday. GM argued its inflators from Takata are unique to the 6 million-plus trucks and SUVs they’re installed in. An agreement between Takata and the U.S. government created mandatory safety recalls being phased in over time and by region to replace all faulty airbag inflators. Although GM presented evidence to show its Takata inflators are safe, the Japanese company said the GM components were also defective in the same 2015 agreement.

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The cost of the recall

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