2015 Lincoln Navigator puts on a brave face, offers EcoBoost V6 only

Lincoln has finally given its SUV a facelift after seven long years.

Seven years is a long time. For the auto industry, though, seven years is an absolute eternity. Most vehicles receive clean-sheet redesigns within the span of seven years, usually getting a facelift of some sort after year three or four. Not Lincoln.

Nope, believe it or not, Lincoln has sold the same vehicle since 2007, adding little more than small mechanical tweaks or new paint options. Yes, we’re talking about the Navigator, a full-size sport utility vehicle that hasn’t felt fresh and competitive for a while. That’s now changed, as Lincoln has finally given its SUV a facelift for model year 2015.

It hasn’t changed dramatically, though. This is still a big, luxury-oriented SUV. It’s a body-on-frame vehicle, designed to tow and relax in equal measure. After seeing it in person at

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