How a 2017 Bentley Bentayga ended up in a salvage yard

You can find all sorts of great deals at auctions, but this one seems a little too good to be true. Maybe that’s because the 2017 Bentley Bentayga isn’t something you see everyday, especially in a salvage yard. But here it is on, a $250,000 ultra-posh SUV revealed only last September, sitting among other decidedly less-posh vehicles seized by banks and police in sunny Miami.

Jalopnik caught this unusual listing. With a current bid of only $103,000, this Bentayga, the world’s quickest SUV, is a steal at twice the price. It was clearly a steal for someone else, too. This Bentayga ended up on the auction block after it was recovered from a theft. Since the owner was already paid out, the Bentayga ended up on a salvage lot. While the listing notes some minor scratches, the car only has 619 miles

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