New York Preview: 2008 HUMMER H2 gets more power, interior refinement

2008 HUMMER H2 interior

Open the door and one thing is immediately apparent: the cheesy, ridiculous and very dated-looking old interior is history. Good riddance. It’s been replaced by an updated cabin environment that shows that the “new GM’s” attention to vehicles’ interior spaces extends to the gigunda ute. Thank God. Gone are the massive round heating and cooling vents. Ditto for the delivery-truck-grade steering wheel, instrument cluster and super-80s-GM-look center stack. Proper blue backlit gauges dressed up with chrome bezels stare back at the driver, who now grasps a steering wheel out of the GMT900 parts pin, while sitting in a completely redesigned seat. The reorganized center stack incorporates an analog clock, and the available navigation system and new HVAC controls are the same ones we saw in the Cadillac SRX we tested. The heater

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