California man tries surfing with Cadillac Escalade

Photo by Mike Erickson, San Clemente Marine Safety

Memorial Day has passed and beach season is upon us. With the long summer days and cool ocean breezes, it may be tempting to take your new SUV out for a spin on the sand. If you are dumping that much money into a vehicle, why not share a special moment with your ride? Perhaps a close up view of the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean is in order. That was exactly the idea shared recently by a man in San Clemente, California. He decided to drive his 2008 Cadillac Escalade out to the ocean’s edge to watch dawn break. However, the man must not have been one of California’s avid wave riders, as he displayed an extreme lack of tide awareness and little concern for sand consistency. The eager sun watcher apparently ventured too far off of dry shore. Water

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