Police & Autonomous Vehicles: How Will That Work, Exactly?

Here’s what we know about autonomous cars:

1. They’re coming.

2. Their arrival will be piecemeal, via a range of autonomous features, which will eventually merge into fully self-driving vehicles.

3. Autonomous technology could be accepted by the mainstream within five or ten years.

4. Autonomous vehicles will smooth out traffic, save lives, and slash city budgets.

5. Autonomous vehicles could cut the cost of owning a car by $1,000 a year and may spell the death of auto insurance.

6. Autonomous vehicles will probably upend the entire auto industry.

7. Self-driving cars will also expose us to hackers unless automakers and component-makers become hyper-vigilant about security.

But here’s an interesting question: what will autonomous vehicles do for the police?

A recent article published in Slate suggests that baddies will have a tough go of it, getting anywhere in self-driving vehicles — which isn’t surprising. There are already dozens of gizmos to track down missing vehicles. There are also systems

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