Cadillac plans upgrades to its Super Cruise hands-free system

Not content to let Tesla hog the spotlight with lofty claims about its autonomous driving capabilities, Cadillac plans major upgrades to its Super Cruise automated driving system starting next year, when the technology starts rolling out in more models.

“The system that we have today, we continue to upgrade,” Brandon Vivian, Cadillac’s executive chief engineer, told The Verge. ‘We have over-the-air re-flash capability, and you’ll continue to see us add features and capabilities to Super Cruise going forward.” A fellow top Cadillac engineer told the outlet they would not share specifics but said “We want to innovate” as competitors also make advances in self-driving technology.

The news comes as Elon Musk says Tesla will launch a driverless robotaxi service in some U.S. cities next year, with “over a million cars with full self-driving, software, everything.” The audacious claim hinges on a new Samsung microchip

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