10 Cars Most Likely To Get Ticketed

When you see folks pulled over for speeding or other moving violations, what kind of car are they driving? Does it seem as if some makes and models get ticketed more often than others? 

If you answered “yes” to that second question, you’re not seeing things. According to Insurance.com, some cars appear to be ticket magnets. 

DON’T MISS: Subaru WRX Leads List For Drivers With Traffic Violations

The company analyzed data from over 550,000 applications for insurance quotes. In the process, it noted which owners reported having moving violations on their driving records and which of 526 car models they drove. On the whole, 19.9 percent of motorists reported having a recent traffic ticket, but drivers of some cars scored much higher.

Owners of the Subaru WRX have the dubious honor of earning the most tickets, on average: 33.6 percent of them reported having a recent violation.

That’s not just a useful tidbit

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