Why does this Cadillac fob seem to be for a mid-engine roadster?

Is GM bringing back its Caddied-up Corvette sibling, the Cadillac XLR — only this time based on the mid-engine Corvette? That’s the question posed by photos of a wedge-shaped Cadillac key fob someone provided to The Drive.

The buttons show a trunk — and also a frunk. So, mid-engine, unless the fob goes with an EV that has its motors and other electrical bits scattered to the wheels and elsewhere. Also, there’s a button to operate a droptop. And the car profile on the fob is Corvette-like.

All of which makes for some pretty great speculation. Except that Cadillac’s way back from the failures of its sedan-centric lineup was thought to be through SUVs such as the new XT4 compact crossover, the XT5 and the somewhere-in-testing three-row XT6. Plus, the XLR, which was produced

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