The premium-fuel secret: You almost never need it

Premium fuel is like magic for cars, right, even for cars that don’t need it? That’s what everyone says. “My car is in great shape because I only put premium in it.” “I get better fuel economy when I use premium.” “I like to drive fast, so I use premium gas.” The name even sounds better: Premium. Well that’s not really the case. If your car can use 87-octane fuel, even if the cap says premium is “Recommended,” you’re better off putting ol’ regular gasoline in the tank.

Much of the premium mythbusting has come from researchers at AAA. The organization’s latest study tackled whether cars that recommend premium 93-octane gas, but can still use 87-octane fuel, receive any significant benefits from the more expensive gasoline. Six vehicles were tested including the Cadillac Escalade, Ford F-150 EcoBoost, Mazda MX-5

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