Detroit 2010: Cadillac commits to V- or Platinum editions for all models, CTS-V wagon all but certain

At this morning’s XTS Platinum and CTS-V Coupe debut here at the Detroit Motor Show, newly appointed brand manager Bryan Nesbitt announced to the media that that all Cadillac models will receive V-Series and Platinum models. However, during the media scrum that followed the conference, we sought clarification from Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell, and he stated that future Cadillacs will receive a V-Series or a Platinum model. Thus, if you had visions of an Escalade-V dancing in your head, well… don’t.

The prevailing logic behind which models will get a V or a P will depend on the model’s market segment and inherent sportiness. As Caldwell explained it to us, a model like the CTS has a foot in both worlds (and could probably pull off both), but models like the SRX or Escalade lend themselves more to the heightened creature

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