Cadillac may not build Elmiraj coupe

Despite the fact that most everyone who has laid eyes on the Cadillac Elmiraj concept coupe loves it, General Motors insiders are still trying to prove the business case to build the car. And it’s certainly not a guarantee.

“I want to see this car go into production badly. Very badly,” Ed Welburn, GM’s Global Head of Design, told Autoblog. But the Cadillac design studio is busier than it’s ever been before, and the company is working on prioritizing which cars deserve to get the billion-dollar price tag needed to research and develop a new model.

No matter what happens, Welburn says the car has made its mark on Cadillac

In the past decade or so, the concept car has become less of a fanciful idea used to show off ideas and more of a test car that shows the

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