What are the odds an actual Cadillac EV looks anything like this?

The Cadillac EV concept sure looks neat. It’s all-electric, too, which is even neater. Unfortunately, it’s a concept car, and when it comes to concept cars with Cadillac badges on them, it’s best not to get too excited.

For instance, you might recall this exquisite piece of automotive art. It was called the Elmiraj. You might recall the production version became the bold face of a new Cadillac and inspired a renaissance for the brand. Jay-Z drives one. Oh wait, no he doesn’t. It was never made, nor was anything like it made.

This is the Cadillac Escala. It has certainly inspired design cues on production Cadillacs, most notably the just-revealed XT6. However, besides those cues, it’s a pretty anonymous large crossover. Hardly anything as stunning as the Escala. Now, perhaps the CT5 will be a dead-ringer, but we wouldn’t get our

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