If Mexico tariffs happen,�here’s a list of the hardest-hit cars

President Donald Trump last week announced tariffs on goods imported from Mexico, starting June 10, unless Mexico takes significant steps to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants and Central Americans seeking refugee status in the United States. Speaking Tuesday in London, Trump reiterated that it was “more likely” he’d impose those tariffs, which would start at 5 percent and escalate monthly to 25 percent by October. U.S. manufacturers, especially automakers, are alarmed and scrambling to react to a move with such far-flung consequences that it could even raise the price of gasoline.

June 10 is Monday, yet a lot could happen to avert this. Mexico’s foreign minister was meeting with Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday, and Mexico could make some commitment that the president could hold up as a victory. Or Trump could be dissuaded by those who are advising against the move. But, “I’m convinced, he’s committed

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