Cadillac puts on a big performance for the Oscars with ‘Rise’ campaign

Cadillac skipped the Super Bowl, saving its big play for the 91st Oscars telecast tonight. America’s luxury brand has a presence planned for nearly every medium, from television to Twitter to stairstep stories tied into the new commercial campaign. Speaking of which, that campaign is called “Rise,” and lauds the “now-complete SUV portfolio” as well as Cadillac’s determination to get back to the top.

Four new spots will debut: “Rise Above,” celebrating the XT6 and the rest of the new range, “Take the Stage,” focused on the Escalade, “Make Your Escape,” all about the XT4, “Take Flight,” for the XT5. The first commercial will be 60 seconds, while the other three are 30-second spots. Cadillac chose Childish Gambino’s song “Me and Your Mama” for the campaign soundtrack — it works a lot better than you might guess based on the track

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