Wireless charger for Tesla Model S will be here in weeks

While sun and vacation revelers may mourn the impending end of summer, Tesla Motors enthusiasts may want to celebrate because a wireless charging system is on the way for the luxury electric vehicles. Evatran, which has branded its inductive charging system under the name Plugless Power, is mere “weeks” away from its first deliveries, TechCrunch says. Evatran is taking reservations for the system, which, for now, costs about $2,400 for its floor-mounted and car-mounted modules.

For those who find the concept a bit esoteric, Evatran was kind enough to post a 30-second video on YouTube this week showing how the system works. And by the looks of the video, it works about as simple as you can imagine it would, as the driver can merely park the car over the top of the Plugless Power floor module, and exit the vehicle.

... read more at: https://www.autoblog.com/2016/08/19/wireless-charger-tesla-model-s-evatran/

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