Seven Engines to Avoid like The Plague

© Mark Toljagic

Car companies are first and foremost engine builders; it’s their reason for being.

The evidence is right there in the name: General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Bavarian Motor Werks, to rhyme off just a few.

Today’s high-tech engines still bear some resemblance to Nikolaus Otto’s four-stroke internal combustion engine of 1876. Despite almost 150 years of research, development and refinement, the principle of using a reciprocating piston to extract power from a controlled explosion endures.

Still, mistakes can happen. Some engines can run out of oil or throw a timing chain and grind themselves to smithereens. Here are seven engines in some late-model vehicles that have been known to fail catastrophically. Use at your own risk.

Hyundai/Kia 2.0-L and 2.4-L Four Cylinder