Review: 2009 Lexus LX570 is three tons of luxury with a dollop of off-road mastery

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A near clone to the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser, the first-generation Lexus LX 450 rolled into showrooms in 1996, differentiated by its luxurious passenger cabin, more compliant underpinnings, and Lexus emblems. While it was undeniably a true luxury SUV, its heavy-duty off-road Land Cruiser mechanicals (solid front and rear axles) meant the large-and-in-charge Lexus also offered go-anywhere capabilities with legendary Toyota quality and reliability to back it up. While it is hard to imagine today, there was only one other significant player in the segment back in 1996 – the Land Rover Range Rover. To its legendary British counterpart, the Lexus LX450 was a punch to the gut – even though the LX only offered an inline-six powerplant.

Lexus went to bat once more in

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