Man trapped in Cadillac XLR for 14 hours after battery dies

A 75-year old Cleveland man ended up trapped in his 2006 Cadillac XLR for 14 hours last month, according to a story reported by the Detroit Free Press. The owner of the car, Peter Pyros, hopped into his roadster to back out onto his driveway, but he quickly learned that the battery was dead. He was “trapped” because the doors use an electric button to activate the door latch to open the door. Since the battery was dead, the buttons did nothing.

Now, GM planned for an eventuality like this by placing a manual door release handle on the ground next to the seat. It’s marked with a red diagram of the driver-side door opening. There’s also a section about it in the owner’s manual. The only problem here, was that Pyros says he didn’t know the release was there, and he didn’t

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