Cadillac plans new branding campaign to go with new products

Cadillac’s new leader says the GM luxury brand now has “thousands of people” working on its behalf back at its soon-to-be new headquarters in the Detroit suburb of Warren, with a new branding campaign under development and plans to fix longstanding quality issues.

Cadillac President Steve Carlisle granted an interview with the Detroit Free Press in which he said he’ll unveil a new strategy to redefine the luxury brand, which he’s calling a “master brand,” in the first quarter of 2019. “Cadillac has its own values — boldness, optimism, innovation, sophistication — that will reflect in the master brand,” Carlisle told the outlet. The challenge is “how to bring those to life.”

He added that Caddy won’t be defining itself simply as a viable option to gold-standard Germany luxury cars. “We’re targeting customers versus competitors. Cadillac has to have its own persona and

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