Definitive guide to car museums? Not yet, but it’s in the works | ClassicCar

In 1970, British automotive author T.R. Nicholson wrote a guidebook to The World’s Motor Museums, of which he identified nearly 180, one-third of them located in the United States.

“Motor museums have now become an integral part, not only of the worldwide Veteran and Vintage movement, but also of the whole history of civilization,” Montagu of Beaulieu wrote in that book’s Foreword.

“Twenty years ago such institutions were the exception rather than the rule,” he continued, noting that in many cases, “the preservation of road transport relics was left to the national technical museums,” which were basically “cultural mausolea” where vehicles were locked away, never to have their engines or wheels turned again.

Definitive guide to car museums? Not yet, but its in the works | ClassicCar

Citroen was featured vehicle at the Mullin museum in California in 2017

But if you want to attract a crowd,

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