Obama’s limo to carry tax-protest license plate [w/video] – Autoblog

The United States of America was created in part behind the belief that we should not have taxation without representation, so it is rather ironic that Washington, D.C. must deal with this same problem that helped spark the American Revolution.

For years, residents of Washington, D.C. have had license plates with “Taxation Without Representation” written on them to protest the fact that they have to pay taxes but have no voting power in Congress. Starting this weekend, President Barack Obama will join in the protest by adding the plates to all presidential vehicles including the Presidential state car – a Cadillac known simply as “The Beast.”

Since it is not a state, voters in the District of Columbia are able to elect delegates to the US House of Representatives, but said delegates do not have the ability to vote on the House floor. A similar state of affairs

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