Democrats see themselves as Teslas, Republicans as Corvettes

Given a tidy sum of money to spend on a vehicle, many Democrats would buy a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, while a lot of Republicans would choose a Chevrolet Corvette. That’s one politically quirky result of a poll taken by Swapalease last month, which linked respondent’s political preferences to car choices. About 2,500 people participated in the unscientific, opt-in survey.

When asked what kind of car best suited their personalities, Democrats were most likely to choose the Tesla, while Republicans saw themselves as ‘Vette-like. The Tesla/Corvette dichotomy also split down gender lines, as many men wanted Corvettes (no shock there) and women preferred Teslas. Other cars that registered on the “personality” list were big sellers such as the Honda Accord and Ford F-150 as well as the Hummer and the Chevrolet Volt. Take a

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