Here’s why manufacturers share platforms among different vehicles

A base Chevrolet Tahoe starts at $49,195. The cheapest Cadillac Escalade you can buy costs $76,490. These cars are built on the same platform, yet there’s more than $27,000 between the two base prices. Add enough options to the Escalade and it can get expensive enough that a buyer could pick up two Tahoes for one Escalade. Sure, the Escalade is a luxury (nicer materials, better tech) SUV, but if you examine the material costs to a manufacturer, it doesn’t cost so much more to build than the Tahoe to easily explain the difference in cost. What gives here?

It’s called platform sharing, and the strategy has been going on for decades. For example, the 1960s saw the Chevrolet Chevelle, Pontiac LeMans, Buick Special and Oldsmobile Cutlass all use the same platform. Fast forward to today, and

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