Buick Discounts LaCrosse By 16 Percent In June 2019

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A Coyote Swap Makes This BMW A Real Ultimate Driving Machine

This is something you don’t see every day. Not only that, we don’t think we’ve ever seen one of these before at all! Someone gave this 1999 BMW M3 a new lease on life thanks to an American-made heart transplant in the form of a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine from a 2012 Mustang GT.

Although an unusual combo, its creator deserves props for putting this beast together. We found this bonkers build on Craigslist, and it can be yours for the low price of $9,800!

In addition to the newly installed powerplant, this car features Continental race slicks on all four corners and although the for sale listing doesn’t mention the suspension, there is a good chance that some other modifications have been made underneath for better handling and more support for the undoubtedly heavier engine.

2020 Ford Explorer First Drive Review | Specs, photos, driving impressions

PORTLAND, Ore. – People shopping for a three-row family crossover are bound to find that, beyond styling, the differences between models are awfully limited. That goes for dimensions, engine choices, and even underlying vehicle architecture. The new 2020 Ford Explorer is something different. While its styling is an evolution of the vehicle it replaces, this all-new, fifth-generation Explorer represents a radical transformation, offering a fundamentally different driving experience and capability set than both its predecessor and nearly every other family crossover.

Chief among the changes is the switch to a new rear-wheel-drive architecture — the only competitor not named Durango to utilize it. The benefits are several: improved dynamics, for one, but also uniquely sporty proportions, with a longer, lower hood, a shorter front overhang, and a longer wheelbase that benefits interior space. While the front and rear fascias are similar to the

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At least 57 e-scooters and bikes found at the bottom of Portland river

E-scooter rollout is going just swimmingly in Portland. In addition to pedestrian concerns about the scooters cluttering cities and a substantial number of scooter-related injuries, it seems companies such as Lime, Bird, and Razor have another problem. Their scooters are ending up at the bottom of Portland’s Willamette River.

According to a report from The Oregonian newspaper, at least 57 e-scooters and bicycles were recently discovered and removed from the Willamette, which runs through the heart of Portland. Officials have no clues as to why the scooters were scuttled, but it’s likely an act of protest against the increasingly popular-yet-annoying method of transportation. Scooters have been thrown in the Pacific Ocean or set on fire in Southern California, and a hacker in Australia loaded the scooters’ voice boxes to deliver lewd and racist comments.

“We advise those people not to park scooters in the river,”

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2020 Ford Explorer ST First Drive Review | Photos, specs, driving impressions

PORTLAND, Ore. — Is there really a market for a vehicle like the 2020 Ford Explorer ST? It’s a three-row family crossover with 400 horsepower, high-performance brakes, a firm suspension and a “top speed target for track drivers of 143 mph.”

Well, Ford is certainly about to find out, because there’s really nothing like it out there. Oh sure, the Dodge Durango SRT exists, but there’s always been something tongue-in-cheek about that. Dodge pairing its family crossover with its 475-horsepower Hemi V8 was a matter of “sure, why not?” since the two could go together with relatively minimal effort. It’s pretty much an exercise in glorious absurdity.

The Explorer ST, by contrast, takes itself very seriously. Part of the reason is a curb weight that undercuts the Durango by more than 800 pounds. Think about that. You could burden

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Report: Cities Designed To Shape & Enable New Mobility

Hidden Benefits Of Electric Cars — Even More "Environmentally Friendly" Than Previously Thought

Urban Transformations: In Medellín, Metrocable Connects People In More Ways Than One

Countdown to Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2016: 1962 Chevrolet custom roadster


1962 Chevrolet Corvette custom roadster | Barrett-Jackson Photos

Editor’s note: This is the sixth in a 10-day series featuring cars to be sold April 8-10 at Barrett-Jacksons 2016 Palm Beach Auction.

Chevrolet introduced its Corvette in 1953 after an enthusiastic pubic reaction to the concept car. However, due to rushed production and a wimpy six-cylinder engine, the Corvette struggled through its initial years, failing to fulfill the public’s expectations.


Corvettes Engine Bay

The car went through subtle improvements with the first generation of the car ending its production with the 1962 model year.

The 1962 model year Corvette featured a series of “lasts” for the car — last solid rear axle before moving to independent rear suspension, last year of contrasting two-tone paint schemes, last year of exposed headlights (until 2005), last year

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Depoe Bay woman charged in fatal crash that killed two, police say


Authorities investigate a fatal head-on collision near Lincoln City on Aug. 4.

(Oregon State Police)

Patty Weissenfluh faces two counts of second-degree manslaughter.

Patty Weissenfluh faces two counts of second-degree manslaughter.

Oregon State Police on Friday charged a Depoe Bay woman with manslaughter and drunk driving in connection with a fatal crash along the Oregon coast that killed two people.

Patty Weissenfluh, 58, was cruising south along U.S. 101 near Lincoln City on Aug. 4 when her Cadillac Deville crossed the center line and plowed head-on into a Kia Soul, police said.

The crash killed the Kia’s driver, Donna Jeanne Ball of Salem, 71, as well as Weissenfluh’s passenger, Mildred Kauffman of Lincoln City, 89.

A passenger in the Kia, 74-year-old William Lee Ball of Salem, suffered serious injuries in the accident. Weissenfluh was also injured.

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