When it’s worth flying to buy a used car

DETROIT – If you’re willing to fly, you can save — perhaps thousands of dollars — when you buy a used SUV, car or truck.

Used vehicle prices vary wildly between U.S. metro areas, sometimes over $3,000. So with some careful research and a plane ticket, it might be worth the time it takes to travel.

“For the adventurous deal-seeker looking to save some money, it’s a viable option,” said Lisa Rosenberg, a data analyst with Cargurus.com, an online sales site. “The savings can be pretty extreme.”

Flying to buy isn’t for everyone. There’s a big risk in buying a car sight-unseen, and not everyone wants to trust a used car salesman who’s 1,000 miles away.

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Rosenberg, who has analyzed used-car variances between metro areas, said Miami generally has the lowest prices in the country, followed

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