Electric-Car Charging Station Prices Fall: 30 Amps For $500 (Through Sep 30)

When plug-in electric cars came on the market less than four years ago, the first 240-Volt home charging stations carried four-figure price tags.

Now a handful of models cost less than $500–and a fairly high-amperage model is being offered by Home Depot this month for $499 after a special offer.

The Schneider Electric EVlink 30-Amp Level 2 charging station is offered at $599, but there’s a special discount code (“EVLINKSUMMER”) that cuts the price by a further $100.

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The amperage rating is an important, and sometimes overlooked, specification in any 240-Volt Level 2 charging station for electric cars.

The highest-rated stations come with a 40-Amp rating, but 30 Amps is widely accepted as adequate for overnight charging. A few expensive home stations, on the other

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