Plug-in electric car sales for June: Volt passes Prius Prime, Bolt EV rises again

In May, the Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid was the highest-selling car with a plug in the U.S. for only the second time ever.

Last month, however, the Chevrolet Volt recaptured its usual spot at the top of the plug-in sales charts for those manufacturers who report monthly sales.

Chevy sold 1,745 Volts, slightly down from the May number of 1,845, but still enough to push the six-month total into five figures, at 10,932.

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Added to that were deliveries of 1,642 Bolt EV 238-mile battery-electric hatchbacks, the latest in a string of best monthly totals and enough to take the Bolt’s six-month aggregate to 7,592 deliveries all told.

Next month will finally see the Bolt EV rolled out to all 50 states, at which point its sales potential may become clearer.

Still, General Motors sold 3,394 plug-in

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