Wintry Michigan: Not The Best Place To Drive An Electric Car?

Not every car is ideally suited to every environment.

A Mazda MX-5 Miata likely won’t get very far on a muddy off-road trail, and a gigantic Cadillac Escalade ESV isn’t much fun to drive in dense city traffic.

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Similarly, Michigan in winter probably isn’t the best place to drive an electric car.

At least, that’s what is indicated by the saga of driving a Volkswagen e-Golf electric car in the current cold conditions of Michigan as described in The Detroit News.

Taking a long trip in the Volkswagen required some extreme measures of energy conservation.

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

While 240-Volt Level 2 charging stations are fairly plentiful, Michigan only has three DC fast-charging stations in the entire state.

One is a Tesla Supercharger, and two CHAdeMO stations compatible with the Nissan Leaf.

The VW e-Golf, however,

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