No, The Electric Cadillac ELR Will NOT Have Rear-Wheel Drive

Cadillac ELR

We follow plug-in cars pretty closely here, and occasionally we manage to break stories.

One was the production green light for the Cadillac Converj electric car concept, confirmed by GM as the Cadillac ELR coupe just six days later. 

So when we see an article that’s … let’s say implausible … it’s hard not to write a rebuttal.

Yesterday, in the widely followed trade journal Automotive News, product editor Rick Kranz penned a piece suggesting that the Cadillac ELR would have rear-wheel drive, which he calls a “game changer” for the electric Caddy coupe. (It’s subscription only, so you may not be able to read the linked piece–sorry.)

The Cadillac ELR is essentially a higher-margin vehicle using the Voltec extended-range electric vehicle platform that sits under the Chevrolet Volt. The front wheels of the Volt are powered by its 111-kilowatt

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