Corvette C7 To Offer Engine Sound Management, Active Rev Match, Performance Data Recording Functionality

We know that the all-new Corvette C7, which will be unveiled on January 13, 2013 while cradling GM’s all-new LT1 smallblock V8, will be a testament to the latest and greatest technology from General Motors while offering an entirely new driving experience. We’ve been fortunate to discover a few details about the next-gen Vette, such as certain interior and exterior design elements. What’s more, we also recently found out that the seventh-gen Corvette will sport the following three features as sent to GM Authority:

Engine Sound Management (ESM)

The setting, accessed through the C7’s touchscreen in the center stack, will allow the driver to set the note of the engine as heard in the cabin. The settings consist of Auto, Stealth, City, Tour, Sport, Track, and Off.

While the features are definitely intriguing, we hope the sound isn’t the result of a simulated reproduction piped through the car’s speakers.

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