Poll: Should Cadillac Offer Carbon Ceramic Brakes?

It’s no secret that Cadillac is hunting… hunting BMW and Mercedes-Benz to lure in their owners and sell them a prestige luxury vehicle. So it would only make sense that the brand offer features comparable to those of its rivals, like carbon ceramic brakes on ultra high-performance vehicles, for instance.

Over the years, Cadillac has resisted the carbon ceramic brake craze, instead electing to equip its high performance V-Series cars with very capable Brembo brake calipers and massive steel rotors. Today, full-fledged Brembo brakes are standard on the ATS-V and CTS-V. But does that go far enough?

As any race car driver would tell you, the redeeming qualities of carbon ceramic brakes are twofold: one, they are light and two, they provide consistent and reliable stopping performance at the track over and over again, without exhibiting brake fade — a term used to describe degrading braking performance usually caused by the worst enemy of braking

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