‘Not in My Backyard,’ Say L.A. Millionaires to L.A. Billionaires

The New York Times has cast its gaze over the most deeply ironic brand of NIMBY fight in L.A.; the kind where millionaires with 20,000-square-foot homes protest the building of even larger residences, often by speculators or overseas billionaires. “Twenty-thousand-square-foot homes have become teardowns for people who want to build 70-, 80-, and 90,000-square-foot homes,” Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz tells the Times. Oh, the humanity!

In this rarified world, we meet neighborhood protector Fred Rosen, who used to run Ticketmaster before he decided to spend his days driving reporters in his Cadillac Escalade to local development that particularly offend him. Rosen and the homeowners alliance he helped form are dead-set against the construction of a modern glass-and-steel compound expected to total 85,000 square feet. (Only 55,000 square of which will be “livable space,” but still.) The home, as conceived by producer-turned-developer Nile Niami, will have

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