Worst Sports Cars: Ford Mustang II

What is it?

It was the second generation of the Ford Mustang, simply called the Mustang II, offered in coupe and hatchback versions.

Where and when was it made?

The Mustang II reached showrooms in September 1973 and was offered until 1978. It was produced in Michigan, California, New Jersey, and Mexico, and sold more than one million units in four years on the market.

Technical details

Widely based on the Pinto, the Mustang II featured no common parts with the first generation of the pony car. It had a classic front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, and used one four-, one six-, and one eight-cylinder gasoline motors.

In fact, it was a very different car from the Pinto – it featured a unique bolt-on subframe in front for a lower level of noise and vibrations, and a rack-and-pinion steering. Also, front disc brakes were standard.

Was it that bad?

Well… say what you want, but it was far

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