Ride or Drive? BMW’s ReachNow App Now Does It All

It might seem trivial, but until now there hasn’t been one app-based service to combine car- and ride-sharing. For a limited group of Seattle BMW enthusiasts, that has now changed.

BMW’s nascent ReachNow division, which keeps a fleet of BMW and Mini vehicles in the Seattle and Portland areas for local rentals and livery service, has merged its separate apps (ReachNow Drive and ReachNow Ride) into one. If you’d like to drive a BMW i3 for 12 minutes, park for 10, and drive for another 22, ReachNow will bill you for exactly that time while offering free parking at any curbside street, discounted per-minute rates while the vehicle is parked in your possession, and no requirement that you return to a dedicated parking spot. Members can leave the car anywhere in the service area—even after keeping the car for up

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