Larry’s likes among premium cars at Mecum’s Kissimmee sale

With around 3,500 collector vehicles on the docket for Mecum Auctions’ annual visit to Kissimmee, Florida, trying to select just a few favorites might be too much to ask of anyone, even of someone who isn’t actually bidding. Thus, yesterday I shared my favorites from among vehicles that might be considered “affordable” by the typical classic car enthusiast, and today I’m upping the ante with a similar list, but this time focused on featured premium vehicles.

Some quick background: In this exercise, we ask Journal staffers covering auctions to share their personal favorites from the auction docket. Basically, we assume money is no object, nor impediment, and we allow our reporters to be very personal with their selections, picking the vehicles that they would like to add to their personal portfolios. 

While it usually is the high-end cars that are featured in auction previews and post-sale

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