Ultra-low-miles ’63 Shelby Cobra ready to show and drive

The iconic Shelby Cobra rules as one of the world’s most-admired sports cars, familiar to everyone and with so many replicas out there that when you see a Cobra on the street, you automatically assume it’s a replica.

The Pick of the Day is most-certainly not a replica but an actual, low-mileage 289 roadster built by Carroll Shelby’s crew back in the day.   The 1963 Shelby Cobra has had an easy life, according to the seller advertising the car on ClassicCars.com, kept in Hawaii and only driven occasionally.

Shelby Cobra

The Cobra was kept in climate-controlled storage

“For more than 45 years, this beautifully preserved 1963 Shelby Cobra lived in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment in Hawaii, and was driven by the late owner when he visited his second home on the island,” according to the ad. “With

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